Write a College Review and Help a Student Decide

By Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-chief StudentAdvisoruncle sam we want you1 resized 600

April is “Decision Month,” and High School Seniors everywhere are trying to decide which college to attend.  They’ve finally received the precious letter letting them know where they have been accepted to schools and now face the big decision: What college should I choose?  Where will I fit in?

Everyday we here at StudentAdvisor.com empower college students of all ages to choose which college is the best fit for their individual career path, budget, and personality.

This is where you come in.  We need you! Today please write a review of your college and help a student learn if your school will make the best fit.

Writing a review of your college only takes 5 minutes and will potentially help a student make the right choice.

Admissions stats tell students if they can get in. Reviews tell students if they can fit in.


As always we appreciate you taking the time to write a review of your college experience and help a student and their family decide on the best college for them.

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