The Wonders of Online Learning

The Wonders of Online Learning

MOOCs, better known as massive open online courses, are wonderful programs for anyone looking to further their education but not sure what they would like to do. MOOCs are free online courses offered by prestigious colleges schools such as MIT, Stanford, Brown, Wesleyan and many more.

MOOCs are perfect for recent graduates who don’t have the money to go back to school yet, or for people who want to go back to school but just aren’t quite sure what they want to go for. People can still further their education without having to worry about paying for tuition, a commute or a place to live. My dad has taken advantage of this program and taken several classes online. He enjoyed the online learning aspect of it while still being able to work his full time job. He was able to enjoy the virtual feel of the college.

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I also took online courses to become a certified Health Coach. Each week my new classes were released and I would print out the necessary materials and make myself a guide before listening to my classes. I liked being able to listen to my classes and pause them to take notes as needed. If I needed something to be repeated because I couldn’t write it down fast enough, no problem! I could go back and replay the information.

The endless amount of resources the school provided me with was really helpful as well. I felt like I gained so much more knowledge from having access to endless dietary theories and articles that were meant to enhance our education. Taking courses online also gave me the opportunity to connect with a ton of people taking the same classes as me. We were able to discuss and ask questions in an online forum as well as on a Facebook page organized by the school.

The flexibility to listen to the classes and do the work on my own time was great as well. I was able to maintain a full time job while pursuing my certification in health coaching. If it wasn’t for this program, I would have never been able to find my passion for health coaching.

If you are looking to further your education but are not sure what for, MOOC is the perfect place to start.

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Kaitlin Crean is a 25 year old health and fitness blogger. I just became a certified health coach through taking classes online! Visit her blog at For the Love of Carrots.

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