Where Should I Go to College? Decision Letters and Next Steps

where should i go to college decision lettersAfter weeks of waiting by the mailbox and franticly checking your email, the answer you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Whether you’ve been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted by your top choice colleges, you should understand that you still have plenty of options for having an incredible college experience.

While this time in your life can be equal parts joyful and heartbreaking, it’s important to keep your cool when making this life-changing decision. It can be easy to let friendships get bogged down by drama or get overwhelmed from your family’s pressure to go to a school you’re not in love with. But in the end, this is your decision to make, and you should be relieved that the grueling application process is over!

But even after comparing colleges reading college reviews by students you may be having an even tougher time making up your mind than you originally thought! Those financial aid packages and merit scholarship offers can certainly throw a monkey wrench into things. Read more…

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