8 Pairs of Shoes Every Girl Should Bring to College

In high school, I lived in UGG boots and flip flops, but once I arrived at college and saw my roommates’ suitcases full of shoes, I realized that my paltry shoe collection wouldn’t suffice. I’m still not a “shoe person,” but my collection has grown to include the basics.

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Here are my top picks for the shoes every girl should have in her wardrobe to bring to college:

1. Rubber Flip Flops

what to bring to college flip flops

While most people tout them as a must for communal showers, I also used mine as a substitute for slippers when wandering around the dorm. You can buy this staple at any drug or convenience store, or splurge for a more comfortable pair at a department store.

2. Dressy Sandals

what to bring to college dress sandals

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For those days when flip flops just won’t do. Buy these in a neutral color for more versatility. I wear mine to class and to church, and with everything from shorts to sundresses. Pick a neutral pair in white, tan, or a metallic color that will go with anything.

3. Ballet Flats

These shoes are a classic for a reason. Some wear them to class every day, while others reserve them for nicer occasions. You can find ballet flats at any store and in any price range, but cheaper pairs tend to fall apart after a semester. Start with a neutral pair, but don’t shy away from bright or patterned pairsthis is a great place for a pop of color in your outfit.

4. Casual Walking Shoes

what to bring to college casual walking shoes

Photo: luipermom

When you’re walking around on campus all day, you might need a pair of shoes with a bit more support than flats or sandals. There are many options, styles, and price ranges available. Some choose casual sneakers, while others like loafers. To avoid blisters, walk around in them for a while before you wear them all day.

5. Practical Pumps

what to bring to college practical pumps

Photo: Baptigrou

Buy a basic pair of pumps in a neutral color with a pointed or round toe. The caveat? The heel should be no higher than two inchesyour best bet for these is to stay boring. These shoes are perfect for class presentations, interviews and any time you need to look presentable.

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6. Wedges

what to bring to college wedges

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You can’t go wrong with a basic pair of wedges. More comfortable and stable than heels, they give you height without the wobble of stilettos. For a warm weather option, choose a pair of espadrilles in a bright color, and for the colder months, a suede pair in a muted color is a safe bet.

7. Boots

what to bring to college boots

Photo: Kenzie W.

Whatever your preferences iscowboy or riding, black or brown, motorcycle or slouchyyou can never go wrong with a great pair of boots. Perfect for brisk days on campus and great with jeans, skirts, or a dress. Boots are an ideal shoe for the busy college girl, and a great way to express your style. This is one item you might want to splurge ona well made boot can last you years.

8. Weather Boots

what to bring to college weather boots

Photo: dibytes

Most high school students aren’t used to trudging around in snow, slush, and rain, but I’ll bet that every college girl will tell you that her rain boots are the most-used item in her closet. A well-made and comfortable pair of weather boots is essential, especially if you’re going to school somewhere that rains or snows a lot. Sturdy rain boots that can withstand snow and slush and still keep your feet warm are the best option.

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