What Shoes to Wear to a Frat Party?

what shoes to wear at a frat partyBy Leah Liebler, Red Window. Special to StudentAdvisor.com

If you’re a guy, you don’t think this affects you. I can already tell. But listen up gentlemen, you don’t want to be the one carrying your girlfriend’s books up that steep hill to class, while she trails behind you, complaining on her half frozen half sweat drenched crutches. So yes, this college predicament applies to us all- both male and female.

So ladies… It’s the first weekend of school and everyone, who wants to “fit in”, is going to THAT frat party people have been talking about since your Tuesday 8:30am science lab. You plan on wearing that short black skirt you just bought, you know the one you would NEVER let your parents see? And… of course,  with that hot pink v neck, with the low back or maybe that flower print tube top… guess you’re not quite sure yet, depends on what your roommate is wearing.  Anyways, the one thing you are SURE that you are wearing– are those really shiny black stiletto pumps that you spent your entire week’s (minimum wage) paycheck on. WRONGGG! Do you WANT to be known as THAT freshman who broke her right leg and scraped the entire left side of her face from falling down the stairs? … I didn’t think so.

In order to avoid falling down those beer saturated and split wooded steep staircase , you’re going have to adapt a quantity over quality attitude. Why spend a ton of money on gorgeous shoes that will be tortured by bush light and natty ice?  Basically, this means that it’s better to have a bunch of really cheap, yet cute, and comfortable heels rather than paying top dollar for some stilettos that are indisputably going to break the heel, and one of your body parts, in half.

As a female senior, who has been to my fair share of fraternity parties, I can say I’ve literally been there, done that, and SEEN the shoe predicament far too many times… young college girls falling flat on their faces simply in efforts to impress a couple college guys who can’t even tell the difference from Aldo or Kmart anyways. I am a passionate advocate for getting your comfy, attractive, and affordable ‘frat party shoes’ from either Charlotte Rouse or Forever21.  Regardless of where you decide to attend, I urge you to strongly remember this lesson– Because those stairs are one aspect that is universal to all colleges across America.

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