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For veterans returning home from service, one of the most challenging tasks is finding a fitting job. The challenge can be even greater when the veteran is disabled. The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program provides education and training to help veterans find and keep jobs. Disabled veterans are offered services, such as rehabilitation, to better prepare them to re-enter the workforce.

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There are several eligibility requirements that a veteran must meet before they can obtain vocational rehabilitation benefits. In most cases, you must first have qualified for and received disability compensation payment.

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • You must have received, or will receive an honorable discharge
  • Have a 10% service-connected disability rating
  • Must have a memorandum rating of 20% from the VA

Eligibility for the program has a limited period. The benefits must be used within 12 years of the date a veteran has left the military. If approved by a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, the eligibility period may be extended. In most cases, the eligibility period can only be extended if the veteran has a serious employment handicap.

If you believe that you meet all eligibility requirements, you can apply for an evaluation at the Veterans Affairs website.


An evaluation of the veteran’s skills, abilities, and interests is the first step in determining the type of work the veteran is best suited for.

After a veteran has been approved for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program they will receive an evaluation. This evaluation will determine the veteran’s best place in the workforce.

The veteran’s interests, abilities, and aptitudes are all taken into consideration during the evaluation. If the veteran is disabled, it will be determined whether the disability hinders their ability to find a job. The veteran’s career goals will also be taken into account.

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The Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program provides a number of benefits designed to not only put veterans back into the workforce, but to determine what job would fit each individual best.

Benefits of the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program include:

  • Payment for technical training, including tuition, books, and all other fees.
  • Rehabilitation and counseling in preparation for employment
  • Work readiness preparation, including on-the-job training, job-seeking skills, and resume building
  • Living services for veterans who are unable to work, due to a disability

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