Use the Power of Social Media to Advance Your Career

For many of today’s job seekers, especially those re-entering the workforce, the concept of the using social media to advance your career can seem foreign. For small businesses, learning the ins and outs of social marketing and how to advance your business is also a critical skill. Networking and finding a job on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is not an easy task to master, but we recently learned about a free webinar to help those who are trying to navigate the Web 2.0 job search.

On January 17th Kaplan University, is hosting a free webinar as part of its Visionary Voices series, discussing the power of social media to advance your career and business development.

The free, one-hour webinar will feature Techonomy Media founder, David Kirkpatrick, and LinkedIn’s director of global talent acquisition, Brendan Browne. The two will cover how job seekers and professionals can utilize social media to highlight strengths in a job search, as well as explain the importance of an online brand. Kirkpatrick and Browne will also discuss ways corporations can use social media to keep up with the digital age.

During the free, one-hour webinar Kirkpatrick and Browne will answer important frequently asked questions of those new to social media job searching. These questions include

  • How can you transform your career using social media? What’s different? How does this differ from traditional methods?
  • How does our persistently online world empower employees and job searchers to be innovative in their approach to career development?
  • How can job seekers and professionals use social media to showcase their strengths in a job search?
  • How do you create an online brand?
  • How can corporations use social media to keep up with the digital age’s growing demand for authenticity, fairness, transparency, and good faith?

About This Webinar

DATE: January 17, 2013

TIME: 7 – 8 p.m. EST

You must register to attend this free, interactive webinar. Here’s how:

1. Go to the KapX website. Registration will ensure that you receive a reminder to attend.

2. To attend the webinar on January 17, log in to a few minutes prior to 7 p.m. EST using your email address and the password you created when you registered for the event. If you are unable to attend at the scheduled date and time, please register and we will email you the recording of this event.

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