Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

new_years_resolutions_for_college_studentsWhile most people resolve to lose ten pounds, or quit smoking, or promise to spend this year getting a handle on their finance, college students are in the midst of working towards one of the biggest resolutions there is: achieving a degree.

College students should consider resolutions that will help to increase their GPA, allow for more sleep, and lessen the many distractions in and around their campus life.

Here are ten resolutions that will help improve the life of just about any college student: 

1. Begin making your study periods longer than your study breaks.

2. Call home to say hi to your family, not just to beg for money.

3. Use that roll of quarters to do your laundry, and not on “emergency” snack food

4. Realize that running to class because you are late does not count as exercise.

5. Stop pretending to take notes while surfing the Internet in class.

6. Use your professor’s office hours.

7. See your advisor twice a semester at a minimum.

8. Reinvest the money from your old textbooks in next semester’s texts.

9. Read that $500 worth of textbooks this time around.

10. At least try to change out of your pajamas for early classes.


What are some other New Year’s Resolutions college students should consider for 2011? Comment & share below! 

Happy New Year from all of us here at StudentAdvisor!

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