Top 3 College Planning Strategies

By Brian Eberman, CEO of is a free college planning resource for students of all ages and backgrounds. Recently I was featured in a college planning article by The Arizona Republic 12 News.

Here are the Top 3 College Planning Strategies I recommend to help determine the school that fits a student’s personality, academics, budget, and career path:

1. IS THIS THE RIGHT DECISION? Are you going to college because of pressure and because it seems like the right thing to do? Or does your future career path truly require a bachelor’s or master’s degree? Examine the careers you wish to pursue, and find out what schooling is required. If your industry requires a certificate from a specialty school and ample field experience, you may not need a four-year degree.

2. CAN I AFFORD IT? Research what each college on your list costs, and keep in mind the added costs of textbooks and other living expenses. Have honest discussions with anyone helping pay the bills. But at this stage, try to avoid sticker shock, and don’t let the tuition costs keep you from applying. After you are accepted, you will have an opportunity to compare college financial-aid packages from various schools. The more options, the stronger your negotiating position.

3. COMPARE, COMPARE, COMPARE. Use online tools, such as, to compare colleges side by side and see how they stack up. Be honest with yourself and come up with a list of “reach schools,” which have difficult but reachable acceptance standards, and “safety schools,” which have standards you’re confident you can achieve.

Read the full article from The Arizona Republic for more college planning ideas.

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