Top 100 Social Media Colleges: University of Notre Dame

By Sam Coren Saff

studentadvisor top100 university of notre dameAround the world the University of Notre Dame community is known as The Fighting Irish, but these days you might as well call them The Blogging Irish. At this Top 100 Social Media College the school invites faculty and students to participate in its university sponsored blog network and provides excellent resources for newbie bloggers to get started.

Notre Dame’s support for faculty and students producing their own content through school sponsored blogs is only the beginning of their ongoing support to socially grow the school’s online presence and community. Sharing content socially is even integrated into some classes. In ND’s Migration & Identity in The New Ireland course students are required to blog, comment and tweet. The school even offers a go-to Social Media policy guide that covers FERPA and copyright regulations in addition to best practices. So not only are they giving their students a platform, they’re making sure all the Fighting Irish are doing social media right.

Speaking of doing social media right, Notre Dame has a highly  organized official YouTube channel with separate playlists for Academics, Faith and Service, Admissions, Student Life, and Research initiatives. Check out the videos that make up their “What Would You Fight For?” list and you’ll find out just how much passion ND’s students and faculty have for making the world a better place:

If you’re a fan of Notre Dame athletics (and who isn’t?), you can get real-time info on all your favorite Fighting Irish teams on the @UND_com. Over 9,000 follow the account for up to the minute game time updates, scores, and sports trivia. In addition to posting sports related news and highlights, the Notre Dame official Facebook page provides a constant stream of status updates on everything from research opportunities for undergrads to on campus event listings via the Facebook events app.

notre dame college basketball tweets

For the University of Notre Dame, a college with over a 150 years of history behind it, the transition from offline to online communication seems natural. When you’re school that has such a strong community bond, Tweeting, Sharing, and Liking are easy. Visit any Notre Dame social media presence and right away you’ll learn what school pride is all about.

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