Top 100 Social Media Colleges: United States Military Academy at West Point

By Sam Coren Staff

studentadvisor top100 united states military academyFounded in 1802, The United States Military Academy at West Point has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest educational institutions in the world to get into. And why shouldn’t they be selective? They’re responsible for training America’s top military officers. Affectionately known as “The Long Grey Line”, West Point’s alumni include 2 presidents, 3 foreign heads of state, 18 astronauts, and a whole slew of notable generals including Robert E. Lee, Douglas MacArthur, and Norman Schwarzkopf. It comes as no surprise that the history department declares “Much of the history we teach was made by people we taught,” as their unofficial motto.

However with the reputation for churning out military officers the general public has many misconceptions about daily life at the USMA. There’s much, much more to cadet life than push ups in the mud and marching in formation. Care to find out? Well, fortunately for you West Point does an incredible job documenting the different aspects of student life through social media. Their Facebook page is the perfect place to start. Peruse their Facebook photo galleries and you’ll get a glimpse of what really goes on at one of the world’s top military academies.


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West Point’s official Facebook Page community boasts over 20,000 with daily updates, and ongoing dialogues between current students, alumni, and parents. For prospective students this makes it easier to get real insights on student life at the school. Additionally many West Point student groups and athletic organizations maintain active official Pages. Whether you’re keeping with the latest news in Army Football or keeping tabs on the English Department’s Shakespeare Workshop – the Black Knights on Facebook are ready and willing to keep you in the loop.

Think military academy students don’t get to have fun? Look no further than the West Point Band’s web series Quintette 7. Check out their wonderfully slap stick videos on their frequently updated Band West Point YouTube channel. These musically inclined Cadets take a good hard laugh at the rigors of marching band life at a military academy. Watch this episode on what happens when the Quintette runs late to a parade:

Like many of StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Media Colleges, West Point makes it easy to find all their official social media presences on the web (and there are many) in one easy location. Whether you’re thinking about applying, a current student, a parent, or faculty you can keep up with everything going on at the USMA by visiting the West Point in Social Media Page.

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