Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012 Update: Harvard Rebounds

Today marks the third update to StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges list.  Harvard University (#1) has risen back to the top of the rankings displacing Johns Hopkins University (#2). Both schools have extraordinary social media communities and continue to innovate and execute their social media strategies exceptionally well.  The biggest movers and shakers this time around? Full Sail University climbed 31 spots to secure the #19 position while M.I.T. bolted ahead 24 spots to claim #25.

Since the last update to our Top 100 Social Media Colleges list, so much has changed in the social media world! The use of image sharing social networks has exploded in popularity with Pinterest and Instagram. Google+ pages give colleges like Duke University the ability to answer questions live via video Hangouts.

Rising Stars in Higher Ed Social Media

Other notable movements include the University of Washington- Seattle landing a spot in the Top 10 and 13 colleges earning their first Top 100 placements. RISD, Caltech, Morehouse College, and St. John’s University New York are just a few of the new additions to this list of colleges making big things happen with social media.

How Do We Do It?

StudentAdvisor’s Top Social Media Colleges ranking compares more than 6,000 federally recognized colleges and universities and post-secondary schools in the United States in terms of their mastery of public social media methods, tools and websites. The top 100 of those schools are shown in the ranking list, which is regularly updated.

The StudentAdvisor research team continuously collects information on how active and effective each school is at engaging their audiences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media tools, such as iTunes and podcasts. The ranking methodology also takes into account the size of each school’s population, as well as other metrics, to gauge overall reach and effectiveness. The team then produces a strictly quantitative score for each school based on this information, and updates the findings regularly.

View the full Top 100 Social Media Colleges Spring 2012 list.

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