Top 100 Social Media Colleges: Johns Hopkins University

By Sam Coren Staff

studentadvisor top100 johns hopkins universityWhen your school has 34 Nobel laureates and counting, you wouldn’t expect it to be lacking in the innovation department. For Johns Hopkins University, social media is just another space for them to revolutionize. This much acclaimed private university in Baltimore, Maryland is often credited for making great strides in pioneering both the modern research university and modern medicine. Today they’re pioneering exciting new ways for institutions of higher learning to make the most of social media.

Hopkins Interactive is a social media Web site designed to enable prospective and admitted students to Johns Hopkins to connect with the JHU by offering open, uncensored information about student life on campus and in Baltimore. Through blogs, message boards, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, an Insider’s Guide publication, and an ever-growing list of other projects, you can get the real scoop on student life.

For a univeristy that’s been ranked first in total science, medical and engineering R&D spending by the National Science Foundation for 31 years in a row you could get the impression that there’s no room to have a sense of humor. Oh, but you’re wrong. So very wrong. Rather than staying stiff lipped, Hopkins students and staff embrace their school’s reputation in the form of a delightfully silly Gilbert & Sullivan parody video on their main YouTube channel:

When not setting YouTube ablaze with send ups of 19th Century opera you can keep track of all the remarkable stories that make Johns Hopkins a leader in scientific development on Twitter. In the past few weeks much of their feed was focused around reporting the status of the MESSENGER Mission, a project their Applied Physics Lab collaborated on with N.A.S.A and Carnegie Mellon to launch the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury. If you’re more of a history buff, you’re in luck. The Hopkins Archives utilizes Flickr albums so the entire world can get a glimpse at pieces from their collection of rare books and manuscripts.

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Want to know all the ways to connect with Johns Hopkins? Like most schools in StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges list they maintain an official social media directory that makes it easy to get in touch with admissions, academic departments, sports teams, campus groups and more.

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