Top 100 Social Media Colleges: Harvard University

By Sam Coren Staff

studentadvisor top100 harvard universityWhen people think “social media” and “college” chances are Facebook is the first thing that comes to mind. Despite never graduating, Mark Zuckerberg can go to sleep knowing his ex-school secured a safe spot at the top of StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges. With its brick column gates, prestigious reputation, and claim to fame as one of the oldest universities in America, Harvard University took the coveted first place out of the thousands of schools that were ranked.

A quick visit to Harvard’s Official Facebook Page reveals that aside from Facebook you can keep up with the latest news on their official Twitter account, watch over 200 videos in their YouTube Channel, and score yourself a Foursquare badge if you check into various hotspots on campus. Flip through the photo galleries to get a feel for what a day in the life of a Harvard student is like. Almost no photo is left without comments from Harvard fans sharing their memories and feelings with the rest of the world. Scan the wall and you’ll notice that there’s rarely an hour that goes by each day without students from all corners of the Earth posting their dreams about some day strolling the walkways of Harvard Yard.

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Aside from the school’s main Facebook page, which has over 300,000 Likes, almost every facet of Harvard life has its own presence on the world’s most popular social network. From each individual school, to the sailing team, to groundbreaking publications – keeping up with everything Harvard students, faculty and alumni are passionate about is as easy as a few “Like” clicks away.

Out of the 200+ videos that populate Harvard’s YouTube channel you can find everything from lectures by the world’s foremost experts, student interviews, documentaries on the evolution of football at Harvard stadium, and so much more. Care for MTV Cribs Crimson edition? Watch this tour of FDR’s old digs at Harvard and marvel at modern day students learning the eccentricities of old plumbing:

So while it’s not a stretch of the imagination to most that Harvard finds itself at the top of another list the proof is in the pudding (or is that Hasty Pudding?). The school with one of the most historically prominent offline networks is now dominating the social media world. And if you want to get social media tips from the best they make it incredibly easy – just follow @HarvardSocial.

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