Top 100 Social Media Colleges: Carnegie Mellon University

By Sam Coren Staff

studentadvisor top100 carnegie mellon universityTake a glance at the bio section on the official Twitter page of Carnegie Mellon University and you’ll immediately understand the secret to their success in social media: “Researchers, students and alumni do the hard work. We just get to talk about it.” There’s certainly no shortage of remarkable events to talk about at this top ranked research university located in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. The way the school’s professors and students are willing to support one another by sharing their hard work through social media has played a huge part in their placement at the #4 slot on StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges.

The school can lay claim to one of the most engaging official college Twitter presences. @CarnegieMellon keeps followers in the loop with real-time updates about incredible research findings in addition to events on campus and around Pittsburgh. They even give alumni a reason to stay in touch by publicizing job openings targeted to CMU grads.

carnegie mellon twitter alumni career networking

The social frenzy doesn’t just stop with Twitter. Visit the school’s social media dashboard and you’ll be treated to a shared school Google calendar, public transit info, the latest YouTube videos, and handy search engines and links for what to do on and off campus. To make it easier to find all the official social media accounts the school offers a super handy social media directory page.

Thinking about heading to CMU for your MBA? Polk through the Tepper School of Business Facebook Page to see what their grad students are up to. Want to see what Tartan life looks like? Browse the school’s official Flickr pool where campus shutterbugs from all departments post their best shots. Just got accepted? Hop on over to the official CMU Class of 2015 where you can ask a current student all your burning questions before you move into that freshman dorm. Whatever you’re interested in at Carnegie Mellon there’s no shortage in online communities for you to visit.

If you’re more of a visual learner, check out Carnegie Mellon’s official YouTube channel to check out the different initiatives that are part of the school’s Inspire Innovation Campaign. Videos highlight different students and professors engaged in projects such as the Disney Research Lab, reducing carbon emissions, and understanding thought prediction.

Jeopardy fans can find out how CMU professors from the Language Technologies Institute in the School of Computer Science collaborated with IBM to develop Watson, the super computer that beat all-time champ Ken Jennings. You can even catch full lectures and panels on the Carnegie Mellon iTunes U page.

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