Top 10 Largest Universities Include Online Schools

large colleges

When you grow up in a big city, going to a big college probably doesn’t seem that overwhelming. If you come from a small town where you know almost everyone in your high school class, a big college might be a big surprise. But with over 37,000 undergraduate students, the largest universities in the country are probably daunting no matter where you’re from.

The U.S. News & World Report recently compiled a list of the Top 10 Universities with the Largest Undergraduate Population. Not surprisingly, most of the highest-attended schools are state universities such as the 4th place Ohio State University with established reputations, athletic programs, and social media savvy—five out of the ten largest universities ranked in the Top 100 Social Media Colleges.

Yet you might be surprised to see that 1st and 3rd place are not the standard sprawling campuses but two schools with large online populations instead—DeVry University and Liberty University.

Does your school top the enrollment charts? Check out the official report and the Huffington Post’s picture gallery.


Do you think online schools should be ranked along with traditional universities?