Three Resources for Safe Student Travel

describe the imageWhether your student is currently abroad for a semester, or thinking about traveling for spring break, their safety will always be on your mind.

When my eldest traveled to Europe, I bought him a wallet that you strap on under a shirt because I was convinced he’d be pickpocketed. Of course he never wore it, and he still manged to keep his money to himself. Nevertheless, when I recently saw a travel tip for hiding one’s money in a cleaned-out chapstick tube, I thought it was such a clever idea that I wanted to suggest it to my daughter who will be traveling to Mexico soon. Then I remembered that I have never NOT lost a tube of chapstick, so  I quickly changed my mind on that one.

Of course, there are many sensible ideas out there that you can share with your student – everything from knowing the currency exchange rates where they will be traveling to not wearing college logos on their clothing so they won’t be targeted as Americans. Here are three resources with useful information to check out for your globe-trotting student:

  1. is the U.S. State Department’s official and comprehensivesite for students traveling anywhere in the world. Information about embassies,health and safety, travel alerts, what to do in emergencies and much more isavailable here. A student can also register their travel information in the SmartTravelerprogram to get instant updates on travel warnings and more whilethey’re on the road.
  2. has an informational page speaking specifically to the safety offemales traveling abroad.
  3. Search “travel clinics” in your area for a list of clinics where you can find out aboutandreceive the proper vaccinations for your student. Primary care doctors oftendo nothave all of them available.