This Week in College News: Yale Frat Suspended Over Rape Chants, Teenage Prodigies, and Hummus

By Sam Coren Staff

sabra hummus ban depaulEven though the spring semester has come to an end for most students, college happenings are still making headlines. This week brings us a rash of controversy with stories about Yale’s Greek Life and students against unethical hummus. On the sunny side of things, two teenage prodigies on both coasts are starting to garner national attention with their out-of-this-world accomplishments. To top it off The Pew Research center dumped a bunch gas on the fire that is the “Is College Worth the Money?” debate.

Clueless? Don’t worry, the latest edition of This Week in College News will keep you in the loop:

Bush Family’s Yale Fraternity Suspended Over Rape Chants

George W. Bush’s old Yale University fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, has been suspended from the university for five years. The suspension comes after a hazing incident that involved newly initiated members chanting phrases about sex acts including rape. After suspending the fraternity, Mary Miller, Dean of Yale College, stated “it is my hope that this will not only shed some light on a matter of public concern but also provide notice of the outcomes to all those who may have been affected by sexual harassment and, accordingly, educate our community.”

DePaul Students Vote to Decide on Sabra Hummus Ban 

Students at DePaul University in Chicago will be voting on whether or not to ban sales of Sabra Hummus on campus. The vote comes after a group of students made a video to inform others about Sabra’s parent company, the Strauss Group, supporting brigades in the Israli army that have committed human rights violations.


university of baltimore 15 year old graduate15-year-old graduates University of Baltimore & Prepares for Law School

Imagine getting your college degree without being old enough to drive. Well that dream came true for one student. This week Ty Hobson-Powell became the youngest students to graduate University of Baltimore at the age of 15 with an interdisciplinary degree in public policy, history and psychology. What’s next for the young grad? He’s got his eye on law school.

19-Year-Old Stanford Student Becomes Youngest Venture Capitalist

If the thought of being a 15-year-old law student didn’t blow your mind, how about being a 19-year-old venture capitalist? Ernestine Fu, a sophomore at Stanford University, has been keeping herself busy running a non-profit, co-authoring a book, and listening to startups pitch as a member of the board at Alsop Louie Partners. However, the young Civil and Environmental Engineering major is having a tough time deciding what to do when she finally leaves school.

Pew Research Center Reignites Debate on Value of College

A recent study by the Pew Research Center this week revealed that 57% of Americans believe the US higher education system fails to provide students with good value for the money. Additionally, when the study surveyed college presidents it found that only 19% of them find the U.S. system of higher education to be the best in the world. On the flip side, 86% of college graduates say that college has been a good investment for them personally and 94% of the parents surveyed in the study expected their child to go to college.


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