This Week in College News: UChicago Students Hookup and Facebook App Predicts Acceptance

By Sam Coren Staff

describe the imageTechnology continues to change the everyday lives of students. For those of you who are out of school already you don’t have to worry about things like campus hookup sites or relying on a Facebook app to tell you what school you’ll get into. But is too much information a bad thing? Read the latest edition of This Week in College News and decide:

UChicago Students Create a Hookup Site

College doesn’t afford everyone the luxury of having enough time to peruse a romantic relationship. A few clever University of Chicago students decided to capitalize on this section of the student body that isn’t into the arduous process of dating and rather cut right to the chase. The launch of their campus exclusive UChicago hookup site has caused a whirlwind debate on how far a private social network associated with a school can go. Since gaining more media exposure the founders decided to rebrand the site as EduHookups and are looking to expand the service beyond Chicago.

Vice President Biden Issues Call to Action to Boost College Graduation Rates Nationwide

The Obama administration has decided to roll up their sleeves and tackle America’s lackluster college graduation rate head on. At the Building a Grad Nation Summit in Washington Vice President Biden issued a college completion toolkit at the to state governors with several low and no cost strategies to make the US a leader in college completion by 2020.

High School students now required to take 4 years of math to attend public colleges in MA

Bad news for you young Bay State sufferers of Mathematical Anxiety. Students who wish to enroll in a public university in Massachusetts must now take algebra I and II and geometry or trigonometry or comparable course work in order to meet admissions requirements according to the state’s board of education. The new mandate begins with the college freshman class of 2016.

Facebook App Predicts College Acceptance

You can now put down that magic 8 ball and find out the likelihood of getting into your dream college from a slick new Facebook app. AdmissionsSplash lets anxious high schoolers find out if they have a fair, good, or great chance of getting into a school based on an algorithm that utilizes publicly released admissions data. Just list the schools your interested in, plug in your GPA, test scores, and demographic info and you’ll be treated to what you’re dying to know.

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