This Week in College News: Tornado Relief, ROTC and Rebecca Black

By Sam Coren Staff

campus ROTC enrollment boomMemorial Day weekend sunburns and hangovers aren’t enough to keep college stories out of the news for long. This week you’ll learn about how one FIU student dodged a deadly pellet, how one non-profit organization is helping tornado victims, and why more students are choosing ROTC. And because it’s Friday we can’t help but feature the latest sensation in Rebecca Black parody videos.

What in the world is going on? Read on!

FIU Student Hospitalized After Daring Girlfriend to Shoot Pellet Gun

What happens when a double dog dare goes awry? Gabriel Mendigutia, a Florida International University student, was sent to the hospital for emergency surgery after his girlfriend aimed an unknowingly loaded pellet gun in their backyard and was dared to shoot. The pellet struck his heart and he was rushed to the hospital for surgery. His miraculous survival was accredited to the unusual anatomy of his heart.

USA Funds Offering Grants to Colleges For Students Affected By Tornadoes

After a string of devastating Tornado outbreaks in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri and now Massachusetts there may be some financial relief available to college students. USA Funds, a nonprofit organization that helps Americans benefit from higher education, announced that it has allocated nearly $400,000 to help college students whose education plans have been adversely affected by recent tornado outbreaks. Eligible schools may apply for grants through the Disaster Relief Fund for Postsecondary Education Students.

Schools, in turn, may use the funds to assist lower-income students who suffered financial hardships as a result of the tornado outbreaks. Schools will be able to award supplemental financial aid of up to $1,000 per student to help them pay education-related expenses for the 2010-2011 or 2011-2012 academic year.

ROTC Sees Enrollment Boom

With the removal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, more of the nation’s top colleges, including Harvard University and Stanford University, are begining to reinstate ROTC programs on campus. Over the last four years ROTC participation grew 27%. Some credit this growth to the recession and the attractive scholarship opportunities the program has to offer.

Oberlin College Administration Parodies Rebecca Black’s Friday

More often than not, when a college president says goodbye to the graduating class it’s met with a stoic’s poigniant advice and congratulations. Not the case if you’re graduating from Oberlin College. To send off the Class of 2011, Oberlin’s President, VPs, and Deans decided to take on Rebecca Black’s bane of YouTube, “Friday”.


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