This Week in College News: Shooting at Virginia Tech

By Megan Kenslea Staff

Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week: 

State universities defend illegal immigrant rights to attend schools

Officials at the University of Georgia voted overwhelmingly this week to oppose a state policy

that bans undocumented students from attending stateuga universities. Last year, the state passed a law that would ban undocumented students from attending state universities if it would take spots away from legal state residents. “(The policy) tarnishes the state’s and the (University System of Georgia’s) national reputations by setting us apart from the inclusive practices of our peer and aspiring institutions, thus making it more difficult to recruit and retain faculty and students,” the resolution passed by the governming board said. 

Two dead in Virginia Tech shooting

A police officer and another man are dead after a  shooting at Virginia Tech yesterday. In a seemingly random attack, a man shot a police officer in a parking lot on campus before turning the gun on himself. Police said the gunman was not a student at the school, although they have not released any more information about it. Despite the horror of the attack, which comes nearly five years after the Virginia Tech Massacre, the school is being praised for it’s quick alerts to students via email and texts.

University president cancels classes for gun-toting protestors

Students at Plymouth State University today did not need to go to class today, the school president announced yesterday. After the school passed a ban on weapons on campus, gun-toting activists announced they planned to protest – with loaded guns – on campus. University President Sara Jayne Steen told students in an email that there would be no penalties for missing lcass if they feared for their safety. Steen said she was unsure that a court order obtained by the university would hold the protestors off.

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