This Week in College News: Penn State to Donate $1.5M of Bowl Revenue & Georgetown’s Class on Jay-Z

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Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week: 

PSU pledges $1.5M of bowl revenue to sex-crimes advocacy groups

In an Associated Press interview the newly appointed Penn State University president, Rod Erickson, promised that $1.5 million of the athletic department’s Big Ten bowl revenue will be donated to two sex crime advocacy organizations. The decision to donate the money comes in the midst of the evolving scandal surrounding recently dismissed University administrators and their mishandling of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s alleged sex-crimes. Erickson noted, “This presents an excellent opportunity for Penn State to raise the national visibility of this issue. Our students and fans are focused on a cause to play for, to cheer for.”

University of South Carolina-Beaufort student sparks debate over Confederate Flag

A 19-year old University of South Carolina-Beaufort student named Byron Thomas was told by his school’s housing department to take down the Confederate Flag displayed in his dorm room. Byron’s story has been garnering national attention because of his refusal to take down the flag. His defending of the flag as a symbol of Southern Pride rather than a symbol of racism surprised many in light of his racial background. He has since released a video of himself explaining his views on the flag’s symbolism:



Florida A&M Expels 4 Students Connected to Drum Major’s Hazing Death

A memo released by Florida A&M University president James Ammons announced that 4 students in the school’s famous Marching 100 marching band have been expelled for their connection to drum major Robert Champion’s death. The Marching 100’s notorious hazing traditions have been long scruitinized by the university community, but never fully eradicated. Recently dismissed band director Julian White has released over 150 pages worth of documents detailing his warnings to school administrators about the need to take action against the band’s hazing practices.


Georgetown Now Offering Sociology Class on Jay-Z

Perhaps Georgetown’s “Sociology of Hip-Hop:  Jay-Z” should be added to the list of the coolest college courses. Students at Georgetown University in Washington DC can now take a course that follows the hip-hop mogul’s rise to stardom and encourages students to dive deeper into the meaning behind his lyrics. However, the course led by Professor Michael Eric Dyson is not without its critics. “It speaks volumes that we engage in the beat of [Jay-Z’s] pseudo-music while we scrounge to find serious academic offerings on Beethoven and Liszt. We dissect the lyrics of Big Pimpin’, but we don’t read Spenser or Sophocles closely,” wrote Georgetown junior Stephen Wu in an opinion piece featured in the school’s student newspaper, The Hoya.

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