This Week in College News: Our Lady of Holy Cross College Fires President and Board

By Megan Kenslea Staff

our lady of holy cross collegeThis week in college news, money seems to be on everyone’s mind. Online, websites are finding new ways for college kids to save – from the new Amazon app that makes it easier to sell and trade in textbooks, to a daily deals site exclusively for college students, websites are jumping to provide outlets for college students to save money. Offline, a Cornell student fights her school over hundreds of dollars in internet fees she accumulated last year. And, for reasons seemingly unrelated to money, an order of nuns fired a college president, as well as the school’s entire board.

Amazon Launches Student iPhone App

This month, Amazon launched its Amazon Student app for iPhone. With the app, students can do more than just check textbook prices on the popular site. The app also allows students to build wish lists, post items to sell, trade textbooks for gift cards, and even scan barcodes to check prices for any product. Another great feature? With the app, students can recieve free two-day shipping on any product for six months.

Daily Deals Site Launches – Just for College Students

With college tuition costs on the rise, Boston-based company Simple Tuition has gone one step further to help students pay the bills. On Wednesday, the company launched a college-only deals site aimed to help students cope with high living costs. Simple Tuition CEO Kevin Walker said that although deal websites are popular, there is a void in the market for student-specific deals. “SimpleTuition will offer deals at price points that are in line with a college student’s budget and provide discounts on the things they need most, the products and services they’re paying for already,” Walker said in a statement on “Student debt is a monumental problem in this country…for SimpleTuition, this is less about chasing the daily deals wave and more about leveraging that model as another way to help students save.”

Nuns fire College President, 19-Member Board

It sounds like something out of a comedy: out of the blue, an order of nuns fire a university president and the entire school board. But that’s exactly what happened at Our Lady of the Holy Cross College in New Orleans this week. In a surprise email, Sister Suellen Tennyson, the leader of the order of Marianite nuns that owns the college, dismissed its president, the Rev. Anthony DeConciliis, along with all 19 members of the school’s board. Tennyson gave no explanation for the dismissal, but in a statement asked supporters to “join us in prayer for the students, faculty, staff and administration as they begin the 2011 fall semester on Aug. 27.”

Cornell Student Petitions School Internet Fees

As if college tuition fees weren’t costly enough, Cornell University also charges students whose bandwidth use exceeds a monthly limit. But sophomore Cristina Lara has had enough, and, along with, she’s petitioning the school eliminate the charges. In a letter to the school, Lara argues that “while some students opt to partake in drug-related pastimes, other students stay in and watch movies, talk on Skype or iChat, or even just surf the Web,” and should not be penalized for doing so. Although the college raised the bandwidth threshold earlier this summer, Lara continues to fight the fees on principle. In her petition on, she wrote, “with a pricetag $57,000 per year, Cornell University should give it’s students unlimited Internet usage.”


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