This Week in College News: Nicer Med School Students and Binge-Drinking Coeds

By Sam Coren Staff

usf select programChange and college go hand in hand. This Week in College news we’ll cover a stories shaking things up in student life. But is change always good? Also, you’ll find yet another reason why you should be very careful with what you post on Facebook. We’ll let you be the judge on this week’s round up of college news stories making headlines:

Catholic University to Eliminate Coed Dorms to Curb Binge Drinking

While it’s no surprise to many that a Catholic institution of higher learning would have single-sex dorms, the inspiration behind eliminating the co-ed residences came as a surprise to many. The President at Catholic University cited that studies indicating that instances of college binge-drinker were higher among students in co-ed dormitories. However, the decision has drawn many critics who believe moving to single-sex dorms to curtail drinking may backfire.

USF Fosters Empathy in Doctors with New SELECT Program

Those of you who are fans of House MD might have noticed that the good doctor’s bitter attitude toward patients isn’t too much unlike many doctors in real-life. In an attempt to initiate health care reform at the academic level, University of South Florida launched a new medical school program called SELECT, which stands for Scholarly Excellence, Leadership Experiences and Collaborative Training. The goal is to accept more medical students who have a high emotional intelligence in order to have more “empathetic” doctors in the future.


Virginia to Increase In-State College Enrollment By 6,000

Good news for residents of the Old Dominion state considering public college options. Gov. Bob McDonnell has signed the “Top Jobs” legislation that will increase enrollment at Virginia’s state colleges by 6,000 and provide an additional $100 million in funding. 4,000 slots will be provided to community colleges while 2,000 will be allocated toward the state’s 4-year schools for freshmen and transfer students. The 2,000 slots being reserved state residents at 4-year colleges comes after complaints of a sharp rise in out-of-state students at University of Virginia and The College of William and Mary.


Molloy College Student Kicked Off Softball Team Over Facebook Postings

Another warning for students to be careful about their social profiles. A Molloy College softball player was suspended from the team after the coach came across her Facebook her postings containing inappropriate song lyrics and an argument with her housemate. The student is now filing suit against the school for racial discrimination after feeling she was singled out for being Hispanic.


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