This Week in College News: Lunch with Warren Buffet

By Sam Coren Staff

warren buffet lunch with college studentFriday already? Time for another round up of the biggest stories in college news. In this edition of This Week in College News we’ll tackle the BCS, networking with billionaires, and the next wave in discrimination against tobacco smokers. Have no clue what’s going on? Go forth!

Warren Buffett Wants to Have Lunch With a College Student

Want to talk about the future of PR with one of the richest men in the world? Warren Buffett is running a video contest for college students. The prize? Lunch in New York City with the world famous billionaire investor – talk about networking!

College Football’s Bowl Championship Series Accused of  Violating Anti-trust Laws

When it comes to the way the BCS is run, not many people are happy campers. This time around it’s a group of 21 economists and legal professors taking aim at college football’s big dance. The group recently sent a letter to the US Assistant Attorney General stating,”The BCS shields preferred schools from competition by erecting barriers to competitive post season entry, provides favored schools with fixed benefits, and harms consumers of post season college football.”

Wait-listed Harvard Applicant Responds With YouTube Video

For many students this month their time waiting outside by the mailbox in hopes of getting that big acceptance envelope will come to an end. Some students will end up having to figure out how to decide on a college after getting wait-listed. But for one Tacoma, Washington high school senior getting wait-listed at Harvard, her dream college, wasn’t going to crush her spirits. Instead, she decided to turn to her piano and take her frustrations out with a hilarious YouTube video.

student advisor karson kenendyMore Colleges Considering Campus-wide Smoking Bans

As if the rising cost of cigarettes wasn’t enough to deter college students from smoking, more colleges across the country are moving to completely ban all smoking from campus. Last week at UMass Amherst the Faculty Senate voted in favor of a campus-wide smoking ban. This week Bemidji State and St. Cloud State are moving forward with policies to ban smoking from their campuses. 

Is Your College Review Worth $1,000?

Excitement is heating up at the StudentAdvisor office over our $24,000 Scholarships All-Nighter. This week Boston morning radio DJ Kennedy of Mix 104.1’s Karson & Kennedy stopped by to learn more about our contest for College Decision Month. We’re still accepting entries for the best college reviews! We’ve even started a hall of fame wall with quotes from some of our favorite reviews.

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