This Week in College News: Fake Acceptance Emails and Alligator Theft

By Sam Coren Staff

college students steal alligatorWelcome to the second installment of This Week in College News. Every week we’ll round up the big stories making waves at colleges and universities across the country. Between spring break and acceptance letter season the college world has been getting a bit crazy. Want to see what we mean? Read on:

UDel Computer Glitch Mails False Acceptance Letters

Earlier this week 61 students were issued false accpetance emails from the University of Delaware. Turns out a “human error” caused a piece of computer code to send emails that lead to the school’s online acceptance portal to 38 waitlisted students and 23 who were rejected.


Federal bill will help combat harassment and cyberbullying on college campuses

Two congressmen from New Jersey, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Representative Rush Holt (D-NJ-12),  reintroduced legislation this week to help combat harassment and cyberbullying on college campuses. The proposed bill would require colleges and universities to have official anti-harassment policies. The bill is named for Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers University freshman who committed suicide last September after a cyberbulling incident involving other students.


SAT Cheating Ring Busted at Long Island High School

“Cheating on your SAT sort of undermines the entire process of high school and college admission,” stated a school board memeber at John L. Miller-Great Neck North HS in Long Island, NY. A group of high school seniors at the well ranked high school allegedly hired other students to take their exams for them. School adminstrators indicate that an investigation is currently underway.


Grand Theft Alligator?

A spring break hijink went awry when a student from The University of Alabama and another from The University of West Georgia were caught trying to steal live alligators in Panama City, FL. The two 20 year olds attempted to lure the animals out of a restaraunt pond. The students were charged with felony buglary and have recently been released from jail.


Georgia saves HOPE Scholarship program by raising GPA requirement

Georgia students who were protesting the possible loss of the HOPE scholarship program can rest easy. Georgia’s popular merit-based scholarship for residents was rescued by the state government after Gov. Nathan Deal signed new legislation. The scholarship program, which was at the brink of bankruptcy, was kept alive by raising the minimum GPA requirement to 3.7, SAT score to 1200 (Math and Verbal), and ACT score to 26.

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