This Week in College News: Embezzlement at Vassar and Puppies at Yale Law

By Sam Coren Staff

yale law puppy bulldogIt’s time for another round up of the week’s most notable college stories making headlines. Today’s edition of This Week in College News brings us big theft, campus petting zoos, conjoining Terrapins, and a slew of Canadian universities recruiting American students. Have no idea what we’re talking about? Then read on!

Arthur and Jennifer Fisher arrested for stealing $1.9M From Vassar.

A huge black eye for the Vassar College community as an embezzlement investigation involving a former construction manager and his wife unravels. Arthur and Jennifer Fisher allegedly funneled money from the Poughkeepsie college to a bank account for a fake construction company for construction project work that was never done.

Yale Law School students de-stress with puppies.

If you’ve ever walked in a room full of law students you know that you can’t breathe without inhaling the stress fumes. But for students at Yale Law School they’re on cloud nine after their pet therapy class. That’s right – law school just got a whole lot more warm and fuzzy.

University of Maryland considers merging College Park and Baltimore campuses.

A major debate is heating up in The Old Line state on the proposal to merge University of Maryland’s historic Baltimore campus with its flagship College Park campus. The campuses have been considered separate schools since 1970, but reuniting them may relieve some budget woes. 

Canadian Universities campaign to recruit students in Vermont.

According to a recent story in the Burlington Free Press, Canadian Universities are beginning to set up college fairs looking to sway Vermont high school students into getting their degrees up North. The report indicates that even with the international student tuition applied that the cost of attending school in Canada is significantly less than attending a private or out-of-state college in the US.

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