This Week in College News: Columbia College Dean Resigns

By Megan Kenslea Staff

As September approaches, most students have back to school on the mind. Some schools have already started, while others are still gearing up for the new year, but either way, it’s been a busy week in college news. The top headlines this week? A controversial new question on college applications, a case of Facebook oversharing, and a surprise resignation in the Ivy League, make sure to do your homework and stay up-to-date on this week’s biggest stories.

Columbia College Dean Resigns Two Weeks Before Classes Begin

After serving as the Dean of Columbia College for two years, Michelle M. Moody-Adams resigned abruptly this week, just two weeks before the start of classes. In an email to alumni and donors, Moody-Adams wrote that transformations at the university had compromised her authority over “crucial policy, fund-raising and budgetary matters.” Though Moody-Adams wrote that she intended to remain at the college for the upcoming school year, university president Lee C. Bollinger recommended it was in the best interest of the university that Moody-Adams step down immediately. Bollinger has yet to name an interim dean, although he said he will do so shortly.

Elmhurst College asks LGBT Applicants to Identify Themselves

Students applying to college have a lot of questions to answer and boxes to check on their applications, and for Elmhurst College applicants this fall, they will have one more box to check. This week, the school became the first in the nation to ask to indicate their sexual orientation on their application. While answering the question is optional, Elmhurst Dean of Admissions Gary Rold said the school’s goal is to increase diversity. Sexual orientation, Rold said, “may not be race and religion but it’s an important part of who they are.”

Bethany College Golf Team Strips, Gets Suspended

Your parents have probably told you to be careful about what you post on Facebook – something that the Bethany College golf team is learning the hard way this week. “A bit of fun with the lads” turned into a whole lot of trouble for senior Jac Hiscock and his teammates when they posted a photo of the team posed naked with strategically placed golf items covering their privates. Though they didn’t violate athletic regulations, officials from the Lutheran school suspended the team from three upcoming tournaments and made the students take the photo down. The team appealed the decision and is awaiting officials’ final decision.

Ferris Bueller’s Kids Could Be College Freshmen (and other facts about the Class of 2015)

For incoming college freshmen, the Communist Party has never been the ruling party in Russia, Sears has never been a catalog, and life has always been like a box of chocolate. At least, so says Beloit College, which just released its annual “Mindset List” for the Class of 2015. Started in 1998, the list was created to “reflect the world view of entering first year students.” The Class of 2015 was born in 1993 – which means Ferris Bueller could be their father, Amazon has always been more than just a river, and men have always been from Mars.

Selena Gomez Skipping College – For Now

Although some young celebrities have blazed the college trail, one teen star is saying no to college – at least, for now. With her music, television and film career skyrocketing, Disney star Selena Gomez announced this week that she will not be going to college. The teen sensation said that while she is “always open” to attending college, she has elected to hold off for now and continue working. “At the moment I’m definitely enjoying where I’m at right now and having a great time touring and focusing on that,” she said.

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