The Top 10 College Acceptance Letter Reaction Videos on YouTube

college acceptance letter videoBy Taylor Cotter Staff

Let’s be honest: we can’t all shoot our acceptance letters into space – what would our moms hang on the fridge? StudentAdvisor found 10 students who won’t be letting go of their admission letters anytime soon. These students made some funny and touching YouTube videos to share their joy of their college acceptance with the world.


10. “Acceptance Letter to College” –  Central Michigan

Why did this mom put her daughter’s acceptance letter in the hands of a creepy mannequin? We’re not sure, but we can only assume that she wanted it to stand out from the rest of the mail. The new Central Michigan student seems quite pleased, but mostly shocked by the way her message was delivered.

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9. “MIT DECISION FREAKOUT” – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

We’re so excited for Fisher! He received his MIT admissions letter! Fisher’s family’s excitement is coupled with his incredibly emotional reaction – shedding tears of happiness. We’re sure that MIT is as happy to have Fisher has he is to be joining them.

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8. “Parents reaction to opening my college acceptance letter to Commercial Voice @ Belmont University!”

These parents are absolutely overjoyed that their daughter was accepted to Belmont University – even more excited than their daughter is!

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7. “Accepted to Lewis & Clark College

Lauren’s reaction to her Lewis and Clark College acceptance might be the most dramatic, but it’s not totally her fault. Her parents’ ultra-serious approach to handing her the letter turns out to be incredibly comical.

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6. “Elmira College Acceptance Letter with 88k Scholarship”

Alex’s acceptance to Elmira College is emotional for her and her parents! She seems proud of herself and absolutely shocked when she discovers her scholarship. Congratulations Alex!

5. “Chelsea’s College Acceptance” – George Mason University

Chelsea’s shrieks and scaring her parents makes this one of my favorite videos. Everyone is clearly thrilled for her acceptance to George Mason, but nobody is as excited as Chelsea – as evidenced by her great dance moves.

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4. Carolyn’s Reaction to Getting Into Syracuse University

I’m not sure why Carolyn gets her mail in the middle of the mall, but her high-pitched shrieks make it quite clear that she’s thrilled to be going to Syracuse.

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3. “Capturing the Moment of Victoria opening her Creighton Acceptance Letter”

Victoria is one of our most excited students. Receiving her letter to Creighton University might have been the happiest moment in Tori’s life, but it’s great to see how excited her friends are too!

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2. “Watching your son get his college acceptance letter!” – University of Richmond

These parents secretly taped their son as he found his acceptance letter in the mailbox. The son’s acceptance to University of Richmond was met with total joy and many “boo-yahs”.

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1. Caitlin’s Acceptance Reaction to UCLA – Fall 2011

The best produced video of our list, Caitlin’s parents made this video to capture her reaction to her UCLA acceptance, telling her grandmother, calling her friends and updating her Facebook status. The video is very emotional – in part from Caitlin’s tears of joy, as well as the somber soundtrack!

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