The Secret to Solving Crazy College Roommate Problems

dealing with college roommate problemsWe know you’ve got 99 problems, but we’re here to help your college roommate not be one. Learning how to live with roommates is a major part of on-campus college life. For students who aren’t used to sharing the same bedroom it can take a major period of adjustment.

But even when you get used to living in close quarters, some roommate problems just can’t be avoided. The recent news story about the Stonehill College student who is suing the school for not doing enough to help her when her roommate was engaging in sexual activity while she was present in their dorm room got us thinking. How can you deal with such strange roommate problem without resorting to an embarrassing lawsuit?

There might not be any magic fairy dust to help you and your roommate instantly become BFFs, but there are ways to tactfully work resolve your college roommate problems. It’s important to remember:  no matter how out of line you think your roommate is behaving, there are several options to work through your issues. StudentAdvisor Staff Writer Taylor Cotter, who paid her RA dues at Northeastern University, weighs in with “6 Steps for Dealing With College Roommate Problems.” Read more…

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