The Best College Movies to Watch on Netflix Instant Streaming

college movies netflix instant netflix logoNetflix has been a college student’s best friend for a few years. Why would anyone want to lug all those DVDs to campus when you can get any movie you want in just a few clicks? The subscription movie rental and streaming service makes throwing a movie night with your friends a snap.

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Getting ready to go back to school and love Netflix’s special brand of instant gratification? Here are some of the best college movies currently available on Netflix instant streaming:

Revenge of the Nerds

Year:  1984
MPAA Rating:  R
Length: 90 min.

Revenge of the Nerds isn’t just one of the best college movies of all time, but it’s also one of the funniest. Taking cues from National Lampoon’s Animal House, this film polks fun at frat life with slapstick laughs while following the antics of a pack of 1980s nerds. According to our Editor-in-Chief, Dean Tsouvalas, “Revenge of the Nerds is the quintessential nerd film. It was ahead of its time with its unique brand of geek chic. It’s also a hoot to see all these famous actors like Anthony Edwards and John Goodman so young.”

House Party 2

Year: 1991
MPAA Rating:  R
Length:  94 min.

It’s hard to find a film that screams “90s” more than follow up to the original House Party 2 when Kid of Kid N’ Play goes off to college. If you have a soft spot for that fun and funky brand of early 90s hip hop don’t forget to check out the soundtrack. Favorite scene? A tough choice between the pajama party with TonyToniToné! and Queen Latifah’s “Knowledge is Power” rally freestyle.

With Honors

Year:  1994
MPAA Rating:  PG-13
Length:  100 min.

A young Brendan Fraser plays a Harvard University senior with an interesting predicament. His computer crashes in the middle of writing his thesis and the only printed copy is taken hostage by a homeless man played by Joe Pesci. Even better? You Grey’s Anatomy fans get to watch a young, scruffy Patrick Dempsey co-star as a bohemian radio DJ who owns a pet chicken.

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The Graduate

Year:  1967
MPAA Rating:  PG
Length:  105 min.

The ultimate coming of age film for you seniors that will soon be transitioning from college life to the real world. This classic late 60s drama, complete with Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack, stars a very young Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock, a recent college grad with very little direction in life. After getting caught in a bizarre love triangle Benjamin is faced with trying to figure out what he wants and who he is. But the whole film isn’t all gloom and doom. “The scene where Benjamin demonstrates the scuba gear for his parents is hilarious,” says Thomas Moore, a recent University of South Carolina grad.

Art School Confidential

Year:  2006
MPAA Rating:  R
Length:  102 min.

If you were a fan of Ghost World, then don’t miss watching Daniel Clowses’ other graphic novel-turned-film, Art School Confidential. This quirky dark comedy follows a young art student who gets caught up in a murder mystery in an attempt to win an art competition. According to Alexia Lalande, a Massachusetts College of Art and Design graduate student, “The first critique scene is 100 percent accurate. John Malkovich’s character is every art professor – brilliant, brilliant film!”


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