The Best College Admissions Twitter Accounts You Aren’t Following

By Sam Coren Staff

Back in the Fall of 2004 when I was applying to college there was no Twitter. When I sent in my applications all I could do was email or hope some kind admissions person would answer my calls. But honestly, I was scared out of my mind to pester the people who had the power to accept or reject me from the school of my dreams.

There was a lot of smoke and mirrors about the whole admissions process when I was a silly misguided high schooler. But you kids today just don’t know how good you’ve got it! Nowadays there are a bunch of admissions office people who have the bright idea to set up dedicated Twitter accounts to handle all those little questions and keep you in the loop.

Check out which college admissions offices are getting this social media thing “right” and follow them on our College Admissions list:


college admissions twitter oregon

College admissions folks are always on the run. University of Oregon makes it easy to find out where they are with their @BeAnOregonDuck Twitter handle. They also do a decent job retweeting on-campus happenings from the many other U. Oregon Twitter accounts. Nice effort from one of StudentAdvisor’s Top 100 Social Media Colleges.

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csusb college admissions

Getting a late start on college admissions is not fun. Scrambling around getting your recommendations and essays done with the clock running when most of your friends already have their college plans straightened out is stressful. Fortunately the California State University-San Bernardino admissions tweeps are there to let you know there’s still time.

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cu boulder college admissions

The Univeristy of Colorado at Boulder tweeps aren’t shy about getting current students and alumni involved in the fun. Frequent retweets and news stories about why people love Boulder help propsective students learn more about the campus and surrounding area.

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Drexel admissions twitter

Drexel’s admissions office is always on the lookout for prospective students that might need their help. They’ll even tweet out when they’re going on vacation to make sure you know where you can get answers while they’re gone.

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tufts college admissions twitter

Take a quick look at the tweets from Tufts University’s admissions office and it’s clear that Dan from admissions loves his job. The variety of admissions stats, university news, campus pictures and conversations with other Tufts Twitter accounts makes this admissions office one of the most fun and engaging in the Twitterverse.

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johns hopkins college admissions

No surprise here that Johns Hopkins University, StudentAdvisor’s current Top 100 Social Media College, makes an appearance. Aside from tweeting out new blogs on Hopkins Interactive, their very cool information hub, the Blue Jays in the admissions office also tweet out handy campus visitation tips. Don’t forget to also follow @AdmissionDaniel so you don’t miss any useful tweets straight from JHU’s Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions.


university of washington tacoma admissions

The University of Washington – Tacoma admissions staff has a blast informing followers about new programs. They’re also one of the few schools with a special admissions Twitter account specifically dedicated to transfer students. If you’re thinking about transferring be sure to follow @UWTtransfer.

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lsu college admissions twitter

Biting your nails trying to figure out if you can get in to a certain school? LSU keeps prospective Tigers informed on their chances by tweeting out statistics on the new entering class.

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wpi college admissions twitter

Waiting by the mailbox hopelessly waiting for that acceptance letter? The tweeps at Worcester Polytechnic Institute admissions office are kind enough to let you know when it’s on the way.

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northeastern university college admissions

That “how will I get a job after college” worry starts as soon as you get that high school diploma. The admissions office at Northeastern University helps you get rid of those tummy butterflies by letting prospects know the school’s career services is one of the best.


rit college admissions

Want to know which majors are the most popular at a school? The Rochester Institute of Technology admissions guys make the answer as easy as a single tweet away.



butler admissions

If you’re having trouble making it to Indiana to visit Butler University they’ve got your back. Tweeting out resources to find a Butler admissions counselor near you makes it easy to find someone from the school to connect with.



university of florida admissions

For prospective students moving close to college admissions time, trying to figure out if you can get in-state tuition can be tricky. Luckily, University of Florida admissions will gladly clue you in.


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