Test Prep: Three Ways That The Hobbit Demonstrates Proper Test Day Strategy


A mainstay of young adult literature for over seventy years, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit has finally been adapted for the big screen. Despite the fantastic, mythical setting of Middle Earth, Bilbo Baggins is a pretty identifiable protagonist for college-bound teenagers: he leaves his home for the first time, embarks on a journey in a new environment, makes new friends, and returns home a wiser, more experienced person. Heck – even Gandalf could pass for a professor as he pores over manuscripts.

Curiously enough, Bilbo’s journey doesn’t just mirror the college experience – it also reflects excellent test taking strategies for getting into school in the first place! Throughout the first Hobbit movie (An Unexpected Journey) Bilbo demonstrates these three ways to excel on the SAT.

Read Three Ways That The Hobbit Demonstrates Proper Test Day Strategy by Rory Hatfield of Kaplan Test Prep.