Ten Tips for Internship and Post-Grad Job Seekers

Internship_and_post_grad_job_seekersWhile searching for an internship or post-grad job, you might think a growing company with interesting positions, great pay, top-notch benefits, and a cool office would find hiring to be a breeze in a recession like this. Nope.

SoftWareAdvice.com‘s CEO Don Fornes says, “we typically sort through about 150 candidates for each hire we make. Only about twelve of those 150 candidates get to a first-round phone interview.”

Why so few?

Fornes explains that “It’s not worth our time to interview any more than that. There may be a superstar hidden in the other 138, but it’s not worth our time to dig too deep to find them. Yes, we look at each application, but we do so with an eye for why we should reject the candidate, not why we should hire them.” 

With that as context, Fornes shares ten screening secrets he uses when reviewing resumes for internships or post-grad jobs:

1. Don’t name your resume, “resume.” 

2. Don’t use all lowercase. 

3. Don’t write like a robot. 

4. Don’t spam hiring managers. 

5. Don’t expose your licentious personal life. 

6. Don’t talk badly about your former employer. 

7. Proofread your resume. 

8. Format your resume nicely.

9. PDF your resume. 

10. When you get a job, don’t job hop. 

Read the full article hereDon Fornes is the CEO of ERP Software Advice, an online resource that reviews ERP and human resources software.


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