Talking to Your Kids About Sex Before College

Talking to Your Kids About Sex Before CollegeWe received the question, “Need help talking to my daughter about sex before she goes to college!”

This is always a touchy – but very important – subject that you must address with your child. With disease, rape, pregnancy, and domestic violence prominent in our society, students heading off to college should know about all the risks and consequences of having sex.

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1. “I think that the most important points that you should stress are include the importance of using a condom to reduce the risk of STI’s/STD’s and to prevent pregnancy. Discuss options for other forms of birth control if she decides that she wants to use a form of hormonal contraception. You should also stress that she should never feel pressured to engage in any type of sexual activity with anyone, and should only do what she feels comfortable doing. Also tell her that she should never leave her drink unattended at a party. If she puts it down, she should just get a new one. Don’t let strangers get drinks for you if you’re not with them.”

2. “The most important thing is that she use protection, and you can even make her an appointment at a Planned Parenthood or her pediatrician, where she can talk to a professional about her options.”

3. “Tell her the most important thing is to believe in the power of “no.” She doesn’t have to be promiscuous to be popular. If she does decide to have sex, tell to never ever do it without protection – no matter what.”

4. “Protection is the key point you want to emphasize. She probably knows about sex but you need to make sure she is practicing safe sex. Slip condoms in with her stuff before she leaves.”

5. “Be open and honest with her and be willing to answer any of her questions. Most importantly, let her know that you’re there for her – no matter what she may do in college and that you are there to talk to her if she has an problems. It doesn’t help to be a judgmental parent, I mean my parents made clear their expectations of me, but they also made clear if something went ‘wrong’ they would be there for me.”

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