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Becoming a Real Estate Agent: Lisa’s Story

Lisa Cirillo realtor

Real estate can provide lucrative careers to people of all backgrounds. Lisa Cirillo shares her journey with StudentAdvisor in this spotlight on success feature.

From Floor Nurse to Manager: Debra’s Story

Adult learner

By continuing her education, Debra Eppley, RN, was able to advance from floor nurse to manager of the whole nursing department, increasing her earning potential and on-the-job satisfaction.

Student Spotlight: Brian Boudreau of Franklin Pierce University

One of the most important things about higher education is that everyone learns in different ways. Even though most talks of college involve the SATs, parties and dorm rooms, there are many people who choose to take a different path to their education. StudentAdvisor wants to highlight students that have done things a little differently, […]

71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother to Graduate from Ashford University

When graduation season rolls around, most people tend to think about young adults diving head first into the real world after receiving their diplomas. But what about those who chose to continue their education years after entering adulthood? Imagine being a great-grandmother about to earn your college degree! This year, 71-year-old Ashford University student Savannah Jones […]