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A 4-Year Graduation Promise AND Study Abroad too!

4 year college graduation guarantee includes study abroad.

Would go attend a college that guaranteed your graduation with in four years and encouraged you to study abroad as well? Learn more…

11 Dos and Don’ts for Successful Study Abroad

Dos and Don'ts for Study Abraod.

Make your study abroad experience memorable in a good way. Follow these dos and don’ts from a student who knows.

5 Questions International Students Should Ask About Online Education

5 questions international students need to ask about online education

International students can save money with online education because they don’t have to leave home to study anywhere in the world.

3 Great Reasons to Study Abroad in Cuba

study abroad in Cuba

Besides improving your Spanish, there are many things to learn from taking a semester abroad in Cuba.

Student Travel: 10 Ways to Get Around for $100 or Less

student travel on less than $100

Traveling on a tight budget is a right of passage for college students. See how far you can go with these budget-friendly tips!

10 Useful OFFLINE Apps for Study Abroad Students

apps for study abroad

From currency converters to food allergy translators, these helpful smartphone apps are the must-have companions of students traveling abroad.

Study Abroad! 3 Students Share Their Personal Tips

Study Abroad! 3 Students Share Their Thoughts

Spending a semester in a foreign country can be both exciting and a little scary. Find out what these three Stonehill College students thought of their recent experiences studying abroad and what inside tips they have to share.

8 Steps to Prepare to Study Abroad


Did you get into a study abroad program? Now is the time to start preparing! Use this checklist to be sure you’re ready for anything.

College Education Abroad: Going To College in Another Country?

“Study abroad” typically only lasts for a semester – but what about if you got your entire education abroad? Purvi S. Mody of Insight Education gives her thoughts on U. S. students who pursue an education abroad, including answering questions about applications, language, and university structure! If you’re interested in pursuing your college education abroad, be sure […]

Study Abroad: A Teacher’s Point of View

By Dr. Tara Keenan: For Cache of Civilizations Under an Arch on Via della Lungara I left New York at 34 because every bone in my body could feel that the window was closing. If my husband and I didn’t leave then, we would certainly remain stuck forever, twenty minutes from where we were […]

3 Ways College Students Can Become Global Citizens

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief More than ever, it’s crucial that college grads know that they will not only be competing with their fellow classmates for jobs – they’re also competing with graduates all over the world. Understanding the global market and economy is imperative for students looking to start their job search. Here are […]

Life After Graduation: So You Want to Teach English Abroad?

By Noah Greenberg For The cliché, unfortunately, is true: Graduation day comes and goes in the blink of an eye. One minute you’re all cap and gown; the next, you’ve either occupied the basement couch at your parents’ house, or you’re cinching up a tie for that coveted ‘job’ that everyone seems to be […]