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Student Loans: 6 Tips to Smart Borrowing

Student loans has become an almost-inevitable part of the college process. However, shopping for student loans is much different than shopping for extra-long bedsheets or mini-fridges. Kevin Walker of offers six smart tips for taking out student loans. Read more…

Most Frequently Asked Financial Aid Questions

As seniors send in deposits to their schools of choice, there’s still something that they’re waiting on: financial aid decisions. Often, your full financial package isn’t confirmed until June, and students and parents can be waiting on edge – especially if they have confusing questions about stepparents, loans, and special financial circumstances. StudentAdvisor talked to Jane […]

President Obama’s Student Loans Slow Jam with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Talking about student loans is never a fun, but that isn’t going to stop Jimmy Fallon from trying. Yesterday at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jimmy Fallon and President Obama turned down the lights and crooned a plea to congress to lower student loan interest rates. The result? Some insightful points made […]

Your Financial Aid Award Letter and What it Means

You’ve got your big envelope! You’ve been accepted to your choice school – awesome! Now comes the the next big step:  figuring out your financial aid package.  It’s important to understand the responsibilities of accepting different types of financial aid such as grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. However, those financial aid award letters can be downright confusing. Need […]

First Time Applying for Financial Aid? 11 Things You Need to Know

By Purvi S. Mody For The beginning of a new year brings resolutions, hope, and change. For high school seniors, the next six months marks the end of childhood as they know it and the beginning of the rest of their lives. In just a few months, they will venture out into new territories: geographic, […]

What is the FAFSA? A StudentAdvisor Financial Aid Crash Course

By Megan Kenslea Staff As tuition costs climb, more students have to look for financial assistance to fund their education. It seems that while many students understand the process of getting into college, very few have much guidance on how to pay for it. In fact one of the most common questions that gets […]

This Week in College News: Obama Unveils Student Loan Debt Relief Plan

By Sam Coren and Megan Kenslea Staff Obama Announces New Federal Student Loan Relief Plan President Obama announced a new federal plan for student loan repayment that would make it easier for students to repay federal loans. The new “Know Before You Owe” plan, which the president enacted through executive order, would allow graduates to limit […]

Student Loan Options: What to Do When You Have Bad Credit

The poor economy has many people in a bind. There’s a lot of value in going back to school because additional education often increases employment options. But job lay offs and impossible mortgages can damage personal credit scores, leaving students unable to qualify for loans. Don’t give up on your dream! Even if you have bad […]

Student Loan Repayment: The Dangers of Student Loan Debt Consolidation


Many people turn to student loan debt consolidation to help lower monthly payments. But your debt you could hurt in the long run.

Is College Overrated and Worth the Money?

By Sam Coren For The following editorial reflects the opinions of the author and not all of those at A New Backlash Against College Recently, Peter Thiel, one of the co-founders of Paypal, awarded 24 $100,000 fellowships to students who vowed to take a 2 year sabbatical from college and start their own […]

A Parent’s Guide to Appealing Financial Aid

Purvi S. Mody For In the next month as high school seniors await their final college acceptances, parents will be eagerly awaiting the accompanying financial aid award letters. More often than not, families believe that they should be awarded more aid than offered. If you receive an award letter that truly will not give […]

3 Myths About Financial Aid

When it comes to the college admissions process there are plenty of misconceptions swirling around, but the ones concerning financial aid are undoubtedly the most notorious. These financial aid myths can easily hurt the families of prospective and current college students from all over the nation. Across the country, students are in the midst of […]