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Hurricane Preparedness: 5 Reasons to Incorporate Social Media into your College’s Emergency Communications Plan

by Jeff Puklin, Connecticut College for StudentAdvisor In an emergency such as Hurricane Sandy, the role of a college’s communications team is to provide timely information to students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni to ensure emergency and hurricane preparedness. As the world increasingly turns to social media for information, we see a growing need to […]

5 Viral College Halloween Costumes

by Taylor Cotter Finding an original Halloween costume can be rough. Favorite movie characters, animals, zombies: all these are usually all taken. However, there are tons of options if you just turn to the Internet! Tons of memes, cultural events, and more went viral in 2012 and we picked out a few of the […]

Johns Hopkins Revolutionizes School Branding with Social Media

Johns Hopkins is our reigning number two on the Top 100 Social Media Colleges. By using social media for recruiting and admissions, keeping students involved, and maintaining a staff of 25, Johns Hopkins has made a huge investment in their social media. How does Johns Hopkins measure success? Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief talked to Daniel […]

Tufts University and Social Media Engagement

At StudentAdvisor, we love to talk to colleges that are doing social media right. Editor-in-Chief Dean Tsouvalas sat down with Daniel Grayson of Tufts University to discuss student involvement, engagement, and Tufts social media Vibe. Read more…

Finding a Roommate: Facebook Pros and Cons

The days of freshmen randomly being assigned to a roommate are nearly past. With social media, particularly Facebook, students are encouraged to develop relationships before arriving on campus. Do these Facebook-relationships tend to make great or terrible roommate situations? Jeff Canning talks to residence life professionals from colleges across the country to find out how […]

Internship Spotlight: Angela at TipTap

Meet our first two-time Intern Spotlight, Angela from Suffolk University. Last summer, Angela shared what it’s like working in software at Hubspot. Now, she’s taking her talents to a growing web startup called TipTap, where she’s helping them out with social and viral marketing. Read more… Want to be featured in an Internship Spotlight? Email […]

University of Florida Social Media Success

Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief of, interviewed Bruce Floyd, Social Media Specialist at the University of Florida. The University of Florida was ranked #14 on the just released Top 100 Social Media Colleges rankings Spring 2012. Read more…

Kaplan’s “Visionary Voices” Provide Inspiration for Students

Kaplan University released a series of YouTube videos that profile successful entrepreneurs and their thoughts on online and continuing education. You can see the series of videos here, or take a look at our favorites. Read more…

8 Tips to Protect Your Kids on Facebook

On Monday, Facebook announced plans to explore opening its services to children under 13 years old. This announcement raised many questions about the safety, privacy, harassment policies, and educational value of Facebook for kids. With 78 percent of parents helping to create their child’s Facebook account, it is crucial for families to h ave all the answers. […]

Full Sail University: Reviews and Social Media Skyrocket

Full Sail University is a social media success story, jumping 16 spots on our Top 100 Social Media Colleges. The school has an incomparable social media strategy, an engaged student body, and many buzzworthy events. Full Sail University students and alumni have been writing reviews and talking about the university on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and […]

Top 100 Social Media Colleges: University of Kentucky – Exclusive

By Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief, StudentAdvisor The University of Kentucky not only won the NCAA 2012 title but also ranked #7 in the Spring 2012 Top 100 Social Media Colleges list. To gain better insight into The University of Kentucky‘s social media winning formula, how the social media elements of their “see blue” admissions marketing campaign […]

Using Social Media Before & After You Finally Pick a College [VIDEO]

If you’re on the fence about choosing a college to attend, there is a secret ingredient to making your decision that you use every day and may be overlooking. Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief of StudentAdvisor, recently appeared on the NECN Morning Show to discuss how social media can help you decide on a college: How can […]