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Universities Using Vine

UPDATE: StudentAdvisor is working on a new Top 100 Social Media Colleges list, coming out in September! Don’t miss out on the chance for your school to be number one – fill us in on your social media activities here! It seems the only thing that can keep up with our shortening attention spans are […]

How Online Learners Benefit Through Social Media

Online learners can truly benefit thanks to a variety of online platforms and social media tools. Educational social networks are one-of-a-kind, and working in classrooms with educational social networking applications offers a number of remarkable advantages. Interactive and effective tools They offer interactive and effective tools for teaching and learning. The integration of tools and […]

High School Students: Top 5 Reasons You Should Watch Connecticut College’s New Google+ Hangout Series

by Jeff Puklin, Connecticut College for At Connecticut College, we’re constantly looking for ways to give prospective students an authentic view of campus life. Through the creation of a new campus Twitter account(@ConnCollegeLive), a pair of campus contests (Student Minute Contest, Camel Photo Contest) and our admission counselors’ involvement with Twitter (They all have active accounts), we’ve […]

Slacktivism: Can Social Media Create Real-World Impact?

When the Kony 2012 video (a short film to raise awareness of and campaign against African war criminal Joseph Kony) went viral, I first heard the term “slacktivism.” My professor asked the handful of students in our class how a few million views on a YouTube video would stop a warlord. What were our Facebook […]

5 College YouTubers You Should Be Following

Everyone loves YouTube, whether you’re just trying to find a funny viral video, trying to learn a DIY project, or just looking for some new music. However, there are some amazing college students out there using YouTube as a way to share their college experience – and maybe help make yours a little better. Here […]

LinkedIn: Enhance Your Profile and Get the Job of Your Dreams

Dean Tsouvalas talks to Brendan Browne about optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

5 LinkedIn Groups to Kickstart Your Career

Linkedin Chocolates

We’ve long been fans of LinkedIn, the premiere professional social network. However, there’s much more to being a LinkedIn member than just upkeeping your resume. By joining LinkedIn Groups, you have premiere access to networking and job opportunities. Check out our five favorite LinkedIn groups for job seekers. ADVANCE: Career. Education. You. ADVANCE is a new […]

The Power of LinkedIn to Find a Job

My friends Jacqueline Jones and Sophie Vlessing, who work for Kaplan Higher Education, invited me to NYC to watch a taping of their “Visionary Voices” webinar tonight at 7 p.m.  Jacqueline is interviewing Brendan Browne, who is in charge of recruiting at LinkedIn. They plan to discuss ways that social media can positively enhance your job […]

Use the Power of Social Media to Advance Your Career

For many of today’s job seekers, especially those re-entering the workforce, the concept of the using social media to advance your career can seem foreign. For small businesses, learning the ins and outs of social marketing and how to advance your business is also a critical skill. Networking and finding a job on Twitter, Facebook […]

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

Whether you’re a college student, college grad, or trying to get your footing in a new career, the beginning of the New Year is a great time to make some active changes to become a better job candidate. Try these three easy and free tactics to jumpstart your job search in 2013! Read more…

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Get A Job

Millennials (ages 18–32) have one of the highest unemployment rates in today’s slow growing economy. We surveyed students from across the country about their career goals and how they are preparing for professional life post-graduation. Our study revealed they are not taking advantage of available free resources to find a job. Read more… on New England Cable News

Dean Tsouvalas, Editor-in-Chief, appeared on NECN to discuss our recent survey about college students and professional development. Watch his clip below!