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12 College Scholarships for Adult Learners

scholarships for adult learners

Adults are returning to college to advance their careers, and even to earn their first degrees! With 40-plus students making up the fastest-growing population of college students today, more programs are focusing on providing college scholarships to adult students.

10 College Scholarships for the New School Year!

college scholarships

Scholarship season ramps up with the start of each new school year. Don’t let deadlines pass you by! Start searching for college scholarships now to reduce your next tuition bill.

9 Hot College Scholarships to Check Out This Summer

college scholarships

School may be over, but the search for scholarships goes on! There is something for everyone on this list of hot college scholarships with summer deadlines.

7 College Scholarships with June Deadlines

college scholarships and fellowships

Don’t lose out on money for college while you take a break from your studies this summer. Check out these scholarships that have June deadlines.

10 College Scholarships with May Deadlines

scholarships with May deadlines

Scholarships are a great way to reduce your college debt. ScholarshipAdvisor gives you access to thousands of scholarships in one convenient place to help you in your search.

10 College Scholarships with March Deadlines

college scholarships for March

College scholarships come in all shapes and sizes. It’s time to start searching for the scholarships that fit you, and don’t miss out on these scholarships with March deadlines!

Finding Money for College: Great Ways to Get Tuition Assistance

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Finding money for college can be challenging, but we’ve got a list of great resources to help you find tuition assistance and meet your educational goals.

New DREAMers Fund Makes College Possible for Undocumented Students

Don E. Graham's New Fund Makes College Cossible for Undocumented Students

There’s no federal financial aid available to undocumented immigrants who want a college degree. The new DREAMers fund can help them get the degree.

12 College Scholarships with January Deadlines

college scholarships

Don’t miss out on money for your college education this year. Start with this list of 12 scholarships with January 2014 deadlines, then use ScholarshipAdvisor to search for more.

8 College Scholarships with December Deadlines

scholarships for december

Don’t miss out on applying to scholarships in 2013. Start with these 8 college scholarships and then search for more!

5 Scholarships and Fellowships with November Deadlines

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November is a great month for finding scholarships and fellowships to fund your education.. See the month’s top opportunities.

26 Scholarships to Put Adults Back in College!

Adults going back to school

updated Mar 6, 2014 More adults are returning to college today than ever before. Statistics published by Northeastern University show that college enrollment is up 42% for students over 25 years old, compared with only a 34% increase in students under 25. In fact, the over-25 age group of students now makes up close to 40% of […]