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5 Tips for Writing Scholarship Essays That Impress

Tips for writing college scholarship essays.

Help your scholarship submission rise to the top of the pile with these expert essay writing tips.

Scholarships with Deadlines in August 2015

scholarships with August 2015 deadlines

Every scholarship adds up to lowering your student debt. Apply for large and small scholarships wherever you find them!

5 College Scholarships for Summer 2015: Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

college scholarships summer 2015

There’s never a wrong time to apply for college scholarships so keep searching and bookmarking the right scholarships for you during summer break.

8 Tips to Increase Merit Scholarship Aid

tips to win college merit aid

Merit aid reduces your college tuition, so learn the tips you need to know to find the right merit aid scholarships for you!

College Scholarships for 2015: May Deadlines

college scholarships with May deadlines

May is a busy month for college students. Be sure to make time for scholarship applications in between acing your finals and moving into summer housing!

The 10 Red Flags of Scholarship Scams

how to avoid scholarship scams

Avoid the scammers! Do your research before you look for college scholarships and learn what situations should raise red flags.

Top 5 Myths about College Scholarships

scholarship myths

As we enter college decision time, many students are struggling to figure out how to pay for school. Most are applying for scholarships, but there are many misconceptions about scholarships and what they will really provide. Clearing up some of those myths is the first step toward effectively searching out, and applying for, college scholarships.

Top Essay-Writing Tools for College Admissions and Scholarships

online essay tools

Stop procrastinating and start writing! Learn to tell your story in a way that grabs the attention of college admissions officers and scholarship judges with help from these 10 essay-writing websites.

Write a Scholarship Essay They Can’t Ignore!


A successful scholarship essay will make you stand out from a crowd of similar applicants. Use Story2’s online writing tools to help you define and shine with a personal story that highlights your unique talents.

10 College Scholarships With February 2015 Deadlines

scholarships with February deadlines

Did you know that some scholarships go unclaimed each year because no one applies? Don’t make that mistake! Limit your college debt by searching for scholarships that match your skills and interests.

22 Scholarships and Fellowships for January 2015

college schoarships and fellowships for January 2015

Don’t miss out on money for your college education. Start the New Year off right by resolving to apply for college scholarships! Search for new scholarships each month, and keep track of their deadlines with the help of ScholarshipAdvisor’s popular mobile app.

Don’t Miss These Fellowships with Fall Deadlines!

fellowships and grants

Fellowships can take you abroad, introduce you to new opportunities, and help you continue your studies. Search out and apply for fellowships, grants, and research opportunities that will help you reach your educational goals.