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Student Loan Repayment: The Dangers of Student Loan Debt Consolidation


Many people turn to student loan debt consolidation to help lower monthly payments. But your debt you could hurt in the long run.

How to Save for College Education: A Guide for Parents

By Purvi S. Mody For When my son was born just a little over one year ago, one of the first thoughts I had was, “How will we ever afford to send him to college?” I started running rough calculations and realized that we would need to put aside almost $15,000 per year taking […]

Am I Eligible for Federal Financial Aid?

Federal financial aid is a great opportunity for students in need of assistance with the high cost of education. There is a set of requirements by the federal government that students must meet in order to qualify for financial aid, including a number of factors such as a student’s academic performance and a number of […]

How to Find Grants and College Scholarships

by Lisa Ruffino, for StudentAdvisor Paying for College Financial aid for college is a hot topic these days. The administration has made it clear that both higher education and finding the money to pay for it are a top priority. Good timing, too, since career changes and the development of new skill sets always rise […]

Gifts for College Students from Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Headlines are screaming “Black Friday Blowouts” to “Cyber Monday Savings” as millions of shoppers scour malls and online stores on their quest to find the perfect college dorm essential gift.   And if you’ve got a college student on your holiday gift list Student Advisor has the ultimate list of products sure to satisfy. Our team […]

7 Cheap Halloween Costumes for College Students

Halloween is just around the corner, and for the last-minute college students on a budget, finding the right costume is a nessecity for the upcoming Halloween parties. Disclaimer: This is one list that doesn’t include Lady Gaga or Snooki because, for the love of all things holy, the staff at StudentAdvisor is SO OVER these […]

6 Ways to Save Money at College

College kids have tight budgets – here are some ways to get the most out of your dollar and save money while living on campus.   1. BUY IN BULK. A lot of food will go a long way! Talk with your roommates about pitching in for a membership at your local grocery warehouse. By […]

9 Ways to Reduce College Costs

Recently,’s CEO Brian Eberman was featured in a article about ways families can reduce the costs of college. Here are 9 ways to reduce college costs: 1. Research various college scholarship opportunities that are awarded to students with particular talents, interests and familial or physical characteristics – from music to public speaking, vegetarians […]

Financial Advice for College Students: A Q&A with Charles Schwab

Young adults are reaching financial independence much later than in previous generations,and financial advice for college students and grads can be confusing. This month, Charles Schwab launched Money Mondays, offering easy-to-understand and actionable financial advice for college students and other 20-somethings to improve their financial health. We asked Kristine Dixon, Director of Schwab Community Services […]

10 Ways to Reduce College Costs

College is expensive. StudentAdvisor is here to help! Here are 10 Ways to Reduce College Tuition Costs: 1. MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS. Most colleges and universities offer merit or non need-based scholarships to academically talented students. Students need to check with each school they are interested in for the criteria for merit scholarships. The National Merit Scholarship […]