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Save on Test Prep Courses with Kaplan’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

Kaplan Test Prep

Are you preparing for the GRE, MCAT, or another graduate school exam? Chances are these looming tests haven’t made the top of your gratitude list this Thanksgiving, but you can turn the holiday shopping craze into an investment to be thankful for. Our friends at Kaplan Test Prep are offering substantial discounts on test preparation […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 5 Tips for Students on a Budget

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Black Friday can be a bonanza for college students on a budget if you follow these simple rules.

Be In-Demand with a Low-Cost Online Degree in Information Technology

Information technology, or IT, represents one of the fastest growing sectors of employment. As technology changes rapidly, so do the IT skills needed to keep up with the demand. However, advancements in information technology are currently outpacing the skills of its workforce. [You can enroll for an online IT degree today.] To fill this growing […]

College Tuition Increasing Faster than Inflation: How to Cut Costs

According to a recent NPR report, the cost of college has been increasing “faster than inflation, and family incomes can’t keep up.” In the 1970s, tuition at the University of California, Berkeley, was around $700. Today, U.C. Berkeley students pay around $15,000 per year, a 2,000 percent increase. We are stuck in a frustrating cycle: As […]

College Visits and Travel Reimbursement

I do not have a large budget for far-away college visits, which is a good excuse for keeping my children close to home. I was recently researching Drexel University in Pennslvania for my daughter to see if it was worth a trip  (it would require an overnight stay) and I was surprised to discover that […]

Cutting College Costs: One Dollar at a Time

Breaking news! College is expensive. Even with student loans and scholarships, you’ll certainly be spending more than you expected on textbooks, food, and dorm items. Editor-in-Chief, Dean Tsouvalas, spoke with New England Cable News about ways to cut college costs over your four years of school. Read more…

Pros and Cons of Graduating College Early

Students and parents are always looking for ways to save money, so how about subtracting an entire year of tuition? Dean Tsouvalas, StudentAdvisor Editor-in-Chief, spoke with New England Cable News about the recent trends of students graduating in three years. Dean talks about the pros and cons of graduating early, as well as tips to […]

Parents: Win $250 Toward Your Child’s College Expenses from Kaplan Test Prep & StudentAdvisor!

By Sam Coren Staff Between touring campuses, test prep books, standardized testing and application fees that money spent toward helping your child get into college can really add up! That’s why StudentAdvisor and Kaplan Test Prep’s Getting Into College Today team have joined forces to give parents a much needed helping hand. Every week […]

6 Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for College Students

By Taylor Cotter StudentAdvisor Staff Valentine’s Day can be rough in college. I learned this the hard way – forgetting to make reservations, having to order off expensive prix-fixe menus, and dealing with the freezing cold! Now, I try to make Valentine’s run as smoothly – and cheaply – as possible. Whether this is your […]

Time to Fill Out the FAFSA! Are You Ready to Apply for Financial Aid?

By Dean Tsouvalas Editor-in-Chief The FAFSA is your first and most important step to getting the money you need to help you pay for college. What is the FAFSA? The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the application for U.S. government financial aid for college, including need-based Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Education […]

7 Surprising Financial Aid Facts That Could Save You Thousands

By Murray J. Miller For Although college costs continue to skyrocket in the face of our economic woes, proactive – even affluent – families will pay less than “sticker price” because they learned how the financial aid system really works. Here are seven facts that could help you pay “wholesale” for college: 1. Some […]

3 Meaningful Family Holiday Gift Ideas for Broke College Students

By Sam Coren Staff While you’re painstakingly figuring out how to pull a successful all nighter to finish those end of the semester projects and studying for exams there’s one thing you’re forgetting, aren’t you? The holidays! Alright, so you didn’t just procrastinate about finals and you haven’t even given two seconds of thought […]