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College Scholarship Winner Changing the World

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we want you to meet scholarship winner, Jon Duckworth, from Colorado State University who took the top prize of $2,000 in The Christophers’ Twenty-Third Annual Video Contest for College Students for his film Changing the World: One Molecule at a Time. The short film chronicles a childhood cancer survivor who […]

StudentAdvisor’s College Review Contest – Were YOU the Winner?

Have you entered our college review contest yet? Each month, one winner is chosen at random to receive a $250 gift card. The judges also award an additional winner with a $250 gift card for the “Best in Class” review from all entries submitted during the month. Students and alumni aren’t the only people […]

Bentley University Reviews

Want to get the low down about Bentley University? Read over 79+ reviews from real students, parents, and faculty members! Here are some highlights from Bentley University reviews: “Bentley literally has a resource for everything.” “I’ve always had someone to turn to if I have had a question.” “Every student has the best, most up-to-date […]

10 Best Dorm Room Products

The school year is in full swing – is your dorm room outfitted with these cool products? Check out some of this year’s best dorm room products, as determined by the team: 1. Scentsy Warmer “This is a great product for female AND male students to make any dorm room, messy or clean, smell […]

Meet the First Winners of StudentAdvisor’s College Review Contest

By now, you’ve become intimately familiar with our college review contest. By writing a review about your college experience (or that of your child), you enter for a chance to win up to $500, not to mention the gratifying feeling of knowing you’ve helped prospective students and their families figure out exactly which college is […]

Featured Review: University of Florida Review

Want to know what the University of Florida is really like? Fellow students and alumni have spoken! Read our featured University of Florida review- which recieved five stars! You’ll find out what students at the University of Florida do on Saturday nights, what students wish they had known before attending, and even the bad things […]

Write a College Review and Win Up to $500!

Today we announced the start of an ongoing contest where any college student, alumni, parent of a college student, faculty member, or employer who works with college students can write a college review and be entered to win up to $500 monthly! The prizes: Each month, one winner will be chosen at random to receive […]

Earn a Degree that Counts

Earning a degree costs a lot of money. Make sure the degree you are pursing is legitimate! School accreditation is extremely important. There are many online degree scams, diploma mills, and online schools that pretend to be accredited learning establishments. If you are taking online classes or registering for a school online, you need to […]