Recareering Articles

Physical Therapy Careers: Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant

Want to earn a living helping people recover their mobility through physical therapy? Then you might want to look into becoming a physical therapist assistant! Physical therapist assistants provide care, exercise, instruction, and various other forms of stimulation with the direction and supervision of a physical therapist. So what kind of person makes for a […]

Associate Degree Spotlight: Medical Billing and Coding

For those of you looking to quickly start a career after high school or begin a new one, an Associate degree program may be a better option than attending a traditional 4-year college. Want the lowdown on one of the fastest growing careers you could start with an Associate degree? Then check out medical billing […]

Types of Nurses

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Nurses help take care of and treat many different types of people with various health conditions. Nurses are in demand as people continuously need care and continue to age. [Take a nursing class online.] Here are the different types of nurses: REGISTERED NURSES To become a registered nurse […]

Popular Criminal Justice Careers

If you are earning a criminal justice degree, chances are you are passionate about the potential careers you can pursue. Criminal justice salaries will vary depending on the level of your education, experience, your geographic location, and what type of work you do. Here are some Popular Careers for Criminal Justice Majors*: 1. Detective: $89,354 […]