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Graduation Gifts: Top 10 Grad Gifts for 2012

We’ve got the top 10 Graduation gifts that your college or high school grad wants this year. Chances are that you’ve racked your brain for the perfect gift, only to realize that there’s no way of knowing what your new grad needs or wants! The StudentAdvisor team searched all over for the best and most […]

President Obama’s Student Loans Slow Jam with Jimmy Fallon [VIDEO]

Talking about student loans is never a fun, but that isn’t going to stop Jimmy Fallon from trying. Yesterday at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Jimmy Fallon and President Obama turned down the lights and crooned a plea to congress to lower student loan interest rates. The result? Some insightful points made […]

The Financial Aid Appeal: Should You Ask for More Financial Aid?

Did you open your financial aid award letter and feel brutally disappointed? For some, a financial aid appeal may be the best way to get more money for college.  What if something happened to your financial situation since filling out the FAFSA in the Fall? Maybe your family had to deal with rebuilding their home […]

Your Financial Aid Award Letter and What it Means

You’ve got your big envelope! You’ve been accepted to your choice school – awesome! Now comes the the next big step:  figuring out your financial aid package.  It’s important to understand the responsibilities of accepting different types of financial aid such as grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships. However, those financial aid award letters can be downright confusing. Need […]

What to Do When Your Parents Hate Your College Choices

Too big of a party school. Too far away. Too expensive. You worked so hard to find your best match colleges and all your parents can do is complain! This is supposed to be a happy, exciting time, but the rift between you and mom and dad is getting to be a bit much. When your […]

4 Things Parents Must Know About Preparing a Child for College

Being the parent of a teenager today is no cakewalk. It’s an insane balancing act of knowing when to set the right boundaries and when to let them have their freedom. And when it comes to getting them ready for college it can get even more complicated! Whether you’re a college grad yourself or your […]

The Secret to Solving Crazy College Roommate Problems

We know you’ve got 99 problems, but we’re here to help your college roommate not be one. Learning how to live with roommates is a major part of on-campus college life. For students who aren’t used to sharing the same bedroom it can take a major period of adjustment. But even when you get used […]

Campus Safety: How to Respond to a School Shooting

As the country mourns the tragedy at Chardon High School in Ohio, we can’t help but reflect on ways students can safely respond to a potential shooting at their institutions. What should students do in the unforunate event of a campus shooting? The team reached out to Otterbein University‘s Director of Campus Police Larry Banaszak […]

Parents: Win $250 Toward Your Child’s College Expenses from Kaplan Test Prep & StudentAdvisor!

By Sam Coren Staff Between touring campuses, test prep books, standardized testing and application fees that money spent toward helping your child get into college can really add up! That’s why StudentAdvisor and Kaplan Test Prep’s Getting Into College Today team have joined forces to give parents a much needed helping hand. Every week […]

FAFSA: 3 Things You Need to Do Before Applying for Financial Aid

Get ready to block out a couple of hours on your calendar to sit down and just get that FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) done. If you’ll be applying for aid you should definitely do it online. The Department of Education recommends using FAFSA on the Web for several reasons: Online instructions are […]

High School Seniors: You’ve Applied to College, Now What?

By Purvi S. Mody For It is hard for many high school seniors and their parents to believe that the Fall Season of applying to college will ever come to an end. With most application deadlines behind many students submitted their last applications just before the new year began. After such a stressful and […]

Starting College Spring Semester? 5 Tips for New Students

By Sam Coren Staff Maybe you were deferred from your top choice college and had to start in the Spring. Or perhaps you wanted to take some more time off between high school and college. Or you might just be a transfer student who decided to start the new year at a new school. […]