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6 Ways to Use Your School’s Alumni Network to Land a Job

  As graduation draws near, college students become stressed about employment. After spending the majority of their lives studying, they suddenly have a new, often unfamiliar task: the post college job search. But many college students don’t realize the bounty of resources available to them for the job search. Beyond employment agencies and company websites, college alumni networks are […]

The Power of LinkedIn to Find a Job

My friends Jacqueline Jones and Sophie Vlessing, who work for Kaplan Higher Education, invited me to NYC to watch a taping of their “Visionary Voices” webinar tonight at 7 p.m.  Jacqueline is interviewing Brendan Browne, who is in charge of recruiting at LinkedIn. They plan to discuss ways that social media can positively enhance your job […]

Developing Business Leadership Skills in College

Have an itch to become the next big thing in the business world after you graduate? Effective leadership is one of the most important components of any successful business. Why not hone your leadership skills in college? Especially for those of you considering a business degree, stepping up to the plate and learning how to effectively lead […]

This Week in College News: Berkeley Extends Financial Aid to Families Earning Over $80k

By Megan Kenslea Staff Every week StudentAdvisor compiles the top stories in college news. Here are some of the biggest stories that made the headlines this week:  UC Berkeley to offer more financial aid for middle class students. UC Berkeley officials announced plans this week to extend financial aid to students from households earning between $80,000 to $140,000 a […]

Freshman Year: Want a College Social Life? Stop Being So Judgmental!

By Allison Sylte For The day I moved into my residence hall, literally the first thing my roommate said to me was, “Dude… I haven’t smoked in like three days and it’s a serious buzz kill. Do you know where I can score some weed down here?” I had absolutely no clue. I told […]

First Year Out of College? How to Survive Life After School

By Sam Coren Staff If you were lucky enough to graduate this past Spring, I recommend savoring this summer as much as possible. Why?  Come September it will hit you like a sack of bricks when realize that you won’t be going back to school. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to […]

Getting an Internship through Face-to-Face Networking Events

  Networking events can be a great way for you to meet potential employers looking for internship help. Apart from giving the chance for employers to meet prospective employees on a personal level, they give you an opportunity to meet potential employers outside of the work environment. If handled properly, you could very well be […]

How to Adjust After Transferring Colleges

By Megan C. Kenslea For Late one Saturday night in early September of 2010, I broke down crying. Sitting on my bed, I sobbed for what seemed like hours, inconsolable and convinced that I would never be happy at Boston University, where I had started days earlier. While many freshmen in college experience a […]