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Top 5 Tips for your First Graduate Job Search

How to search for a job affter college.

It’s never too early to start getting ready for your life after college, when you’ll finally have the opportunity to put your degree to good use. But half of the battle is knowing where to start. You’ve probably been out of the job market for a while because you’ve been devoting your time and effort […]

5 Final Tips for College Graduation!

tips for college graduation

Don’t coast through your last semester of college! Finish strong and set yourself up for career success with this sound advice from someone who has been there before.

Planning Your Career Journey: The Time Is Now!

career journey

Career Journey leverages the power of LinkedIn’s professional networking tools combined with Kaplan’s extensive online education experience to provide you with a powerful resource for mapping out your professional future.

Want to Join the Lambing Club?

college lambing club

Students at Becker College recently started the Becker College Lambing Club: they get to learn quintessential large-animal veterinary skills and help a struggling farm. Read about their unique club here.

How to Discover Your Career Passions in College

career passion in college

Making a career out of doing what you love is the ultimate goal for a successful work life, but how can you make this happen? You can start by following some practical advice for making the most out of your time in college to find the career path you’ll follow when you leave.

How to Build Healthy Lifeline Relationships

building realtionships

Building professional relationships requires meaningful engagement with others. These four keys to relationship building can help you create lasting partnerships in your career.

How to Avoid Becoming a Networking Jerk

Avoid Becoming a Network Jerk

Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, shares 6 rules about how to avoid becoming a “networking jerk” when trying to connect with others.

4 Ways Lifeline Relationships Will Help You

4 Ways Lifeline Relationships Will Help You

If we want to be as successful as we know we can be, we need the advice and feedback of people we trust. Keith Ferrazzi shares what lifeline relationships are and how they will help you.

Growing Your Relationship Garden

networking advice

Networking is much like gardening. You need to tend to the relationships you have now to make your garden, your professional network, thrive and grow. Reaching out to the people in your own “backyard” will make them available to you in the future.

Networking Tips: Connecting with Connectors

connecting with connectors

Learn tips on how to connect to “connectors,” people who know many, many more people than the rest of us.

The Benefits of Becoming a TA

by Priya Sudendra, for Being a teaching assistant is a great experience for a graduate student or upperclassmen. Teaching sheds a whole new light on not only being a teacher, but also being a student. It also helps you get closer to the professors and make new connections to advance your career. Being a TA […]

How to Get a Job: Know the Yankees Score

With the overall unemployment rate at 7.5 percent in April, times are tough.  So, it’s to be expected that people need to find different ways to make contacts. Knowing how to engage in lively, nonbusiness conversation is a key to getting a “leg up” on career opportunities or to making more friends. Suzy Bohnert explains how the high rate […]