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Cutting the Red Tape: How to Advance MOOCs in the 21st Century

Online education innovations, especially MOOCs, are occurring faster than state and federal laws can keep up. Cutting the red tape will ultimately benefit students.

What Is a MOOC?

What is a MOOC?

Today, the term MOOC is a popular word in learning, but do you know what a MOOC entails? Get all the facts in this comprehensive look at what a MOOC is and why it matters.

5 MOOCs to Find Your Purpose

re-careering adults

When you find yourself at one of life’s crossroads, free online courses like these can help you determine the path to take. Learn more about yourself and your purpose with these 5 MOOCs.

MOOC Certificates Can Satisfy Employer Needs

MOOC Certificates Can Satisfy Employer Needs

Amid complaints that there are not enough skilled workers to fill jobs in the U.S., MOOC providers are stepping up with affordable programs to teach the most valuable skills and verifiable certifications to round out your resume..

4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

4 New MOOCs You Should Take Right Now

Want to change the world? Take a look at the new How to Change the World MOOC . Get the lowdown on the other out-of-the-ordinary MOOCs that started January off with a buzz.

Libraries Get MOOCed

Libraries and MOOCs

Libraries are turning to MOOCs to build lifelong learning communities and serve as technology-driven information hubs. See what’s happening at your local library.

Winterize Your Brain with These 6 MOOCs

Winterize your brain with MOOCs

This winter, don’t let seasonal affective disorder (SAD) get you down— winterize your brain with these 6 MOOCs.

5 Tips for Listing MOOCs on Your Résumé

5 tips for listing MOOCs on your resume

Let the job-related skills you learned from MOOCs stand out on your résumé. Employers will notice your drive to stay current in your industry.

College Credit for Your Life Experience

Get college credit for your life experience

Getting college credit for your life experience can help you advance your career and get a college degree. Prior Learning Assessment expert Susan Huggins describes how to start with the free MOOC, Documenting Your Life Experience for College Credit.

LinkedIn Gives Career Credit for MOOCs

linkedin article 600x400

LinkedIn has formed a new partnership with popular MOOC providers and e-learning companies to establish professional credit for completed online-learning.

MOOC Professor Kevin Werbach Says, “The hype misses the point.”

mooc professor kevin werbach

Professor Kevin Werbach has been at the forefront of MOOC development and his gamification course is one of the most popular. Join Prof. Werbach in this exclusive interview to learn more about his course and his thoughts on the future of the MOOC movement in higher education.

Learning from the Expertise of Others

As a college student or recent graduate, you have probably spent nearly 16 years of your life learning in school. Hopefully this won’t come as a surprise, but your real education is just beginning. The most important learning of you life starts now. The way you learn now will be fundamentally different from the formal […]